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  1. I believe Clindamycin is frequently prescribed for acne, but your dermatologist will decide what´s best for you. Don´t know if other doctors (I´m guessing you mean a family doctor) can/will prescribe these things to you, in my country they more than likely would if you´re an informed patient who shows knowledge about acne and makes good suggestions. Retin-A helps with red marks, not to the same extent in everyone of course. In my case, it was the best thing I ever did for my red marks, they d
  2. microdermabrasion is not very effective for these issues. When it was first popular, there was a lot of hype about it, but in reality it can only even out the skintone (with repetitive treatments of course) and make your skin feel and look smoother. The stimulation of collagen production you´ll get is only temporary and not enough to actually fill in scars
  3. I highly doubt that you´d even get a prescription for Accutane from a dermatologist. 1.) your acne is mild 2.) you haven´t been on antibiotics or Retin-A No doubt that Accutane would clear your skin, but it´s a very potent drug, and it´s supposed to be a "last resort" kind of treament for severe (mostly cystic ) acne, after you´ve tried all other options.
  4. most of the Alpha Hydrox products are good (they have the correct pH to work and they´re cheap). And this is definitely the best value out of all of them, a 6oz bottle for like $12 is amazing! An AHA product like this is a good way to start out. When I started using an AHA lotion I got some good improvements on my red marks, but on some very stubborn onces I sort of reached an improvement plateau (Retin-A took care of the residual marks). If you´re still somewhat acne-prone, the oil-free gel
  5. you do have great skin compared to the vast majority of people on here, and that can make people appear bitter when someone with "flawless" skin seeks improvement. I have some very shallow icepick scars that I treated with CROSS (100% TCA), and they are improving. My issue after my skin cleared up was the uneven skintone, and Retin-A (along with 15% TCA peels on the stubborn discolored areas) worked extremely well for me. Your skin issues are very minor, I´d go the gentle route (chemical ex
  6. I´m not sure if what you have is just big pores/scarred pores/maybe tiny icepick scars. It kind of looks like what I have on my cheeks. I wouldn´t call this actually acne scarring to be honest. Anyone with oily skin (mine is very oily too, especially since using Retin-A) will have larger pores, not much we can do about that.
  7. Hi! Your skin looks great! I was wondering, did you also have indented (atrophic) scars before using retin-a? Or just red marks?

  8. You didn't use it long enough either, it can take nearly 4 months for some people. My face was terrible for a couple of months when I was using Retin-A but there is no question it is easily worth it in the long run. I definitely have used it long enough, I`m still using it (2 years now). It improved my skintone a whole lot, but some stubborn marks still required TCA peels. I am very fair, so any darkness or redness shows up so much more
  9. Retin-A has improved my red marks about 60-70%, but it was an ongoing improvement over the course of many months. I noticed an initial improvement after 3 weeks, and then I kept seeing small but steady improvement. Everyone´s skin is different though, but generally Retin-A definitely can even out the skintone to a certain degree.
  10. Lalelu


    1-do u use it? how it worked for u? I`ve used a 10% glycolic acid serum for a few months. It gradually helped to even out my skintone, but its effect didn´t compare to Retin-A 2-is it effective on redmarks? I got maybe a 20% improvement 3-how long to fade them with this? several weeks, ungoing but slow improvement 4-does this irritate skin? make it red, dry etc? I don´t have sensitive skin so I don´t get any irritation 5-can it give premature wrinkles like bp to some ppl? absolutely not,
  11. Asians have thicker skin than Caucasians? Are you sure? I haven´t done tons of research on what happens after CROSS in terms of skin remodelling, but here´s what I gathered (I hope everything is correct) TCA causes "controlled injury", it penetrates skin layers and causes the denaturation of the skin´s keratin proteins (=frosting). As a result of the injury, the skin basically wants to "heals" itself, produces new collagen, and there´s increased blood flow to the scar tissue etc. Also, the
  12. DAY 3: The areas that you naturally move most usually peel first. That´s usually the chin, because the area is stretched everytime you open your mouth to talk and eat. I even felt the dead skin layer crack open when I opened my mouth a bit too wide to floss after I had brushed my teeth. In the picture below you can see that the skin cracked open on it´s own. The rest of my face is shiny, tight and wrinkly in some areas (forehead), and a bit brownish and leathery-looking in other areasy (cheek
  13. supposably lactic acid is great for fading hyperpigmentation (not sure if there is any difference in its results for sunspots compared to PIH though) and it´s supposed to be the most gentle peeling agent. I did see results (improvement of skintone) with lactic as well as glyoclic acid. Nothing overwhelming, but it was good enough for me back then. The lactic however makes my skin itch while it´s on my face, while the glycolic just tingles/burns...which is why I peronally prefer glycolic. Not I u
  14. thanks for the advice about the pictures, I edited my post. Um yeah the pictures are not very flattering haha, but I figured they would be helpful for anyone that´s wondering what frosting looks like, and how red your skin gets during a TCA peel. Even though the pictures+lighting are kind of forgiving (plus, my areas of main concern are on the side of the cheeks, which you can´t see that well in a frontal shot) I know that I don´t have bad skin. That´s why this is more than likely my last