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  1. Yeah, I'll probably get back on res. Even if I wasn't perfect it was a lot better Hmm.. I'll give a few more weeks though... By the way, did you ever try the 100% resv?
  2. I've been using B5 for about 4 weeks now. I'm taking NOW Pantothenic Acid (500 mg). I take 10g a day, split on 3 times during the day. I take 3 x B-100 during the day as well. Before starting I never had more than 2 active pimples. I can't remember having more for many years. Now I have about 5-10 cystic (but not so big, some are tho). I read B5 have an "initial purge effect" but it didn't happen the first week, it came slowly during the 4 weeks up until the point now. Is this really how it s
  3. Yeah, I'm taking a lot of fish oil. I guess my acne figured out how to outsmart the resv No, just kidding, but it's annoying because I was really clear for quite some time. I guess I could try the 100% resv too.. Andersoj, not to hijack or change the topic of your thread, but have you tried B5?
  4. I've been taking 6 a day (each 500mg) of Mega Resveratrol. I'm still taking it tho, but thinking of switching to B5 if I don't get back to how I used to be soon..
  5. Ahh, it's really annoying. I took res for perhaps 2-3 months. My skin was completely clear for perhaps 1-2 months and now I suddenly got a cyst on the side of my cheek, and some smaller ones around my neck. I don't get it... I'm trying to think what I did different recently. I suppose I got more relaxed on what I eat. Also I stopped taking probiotics. Hm... :-/
  6. THATS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL. nothing else worked, and then tane suddenly cleared me up...in 3 months! but apparently the tane was giving me 'mood swings' as my mom put it. but i'll refer back to how she is a "bitch." she knows how to push my buttons, and accutane gave her an excuse for my anger. everyone is allowed to be angry, but since i was on accutane, it was a whole new thing for her!!! no health problems, i can easily go back on accutane. but my parents wont let me visit a derm. THey use m
  7. Why were you pulled off accutane? Is there no way you can continue it due to a medical condition or something? If you can continue it, I think you should. Since you're still so young I guess it's the thing that would really work best..
  8. I didn't go through the thread again, but I believe one of the failures was someone who tried for just 1-2 weeks and didn't see improvements. I don't understand how someone can think something will work in such a short time. Even the strongest med there is (accutane) takes at least 1 month, right? But yeah, we need stats
  9. Jenko, if you read the whole thread you will see Mroth has already gone into the details of the side-effects. I experienced the same side-effects as him. The miscolored urine is in my opinion the worst side-effect of resv Btw, I think you won't have any real improvements until 2-3 weeks..
  10. Well, I've been on the resveratrol for about a month now. I'm taking 3 (50%/500mg) in the morning and 3 in the evening. I'm totally clear Before this my acne was really mild but persistent, I *always* had 1-3 whiteheads... now I had none for 1-2 weeks or so. I should mention that I'm also doing some other stuff. Every day I'm taking: Probiotics (shirota strain)/Genuine Health Perfect skin/Genuine Health Omega 3/Genuine Health Multi+/5-10 mg beta-carotene/600 mg ALA (AND I'm lately getting 20-30
  11. I was totally clear during the whole week.. but got two whiteheads right before this weekend. That's really annoying... I think the cause is that my work has been really stressful lately, and it will continue to be I guess :s I'll keep the res-v up tho.
  12. Mroth, I basically didn't see any results until now (after 2 weeks) but as I said I'm not sure if it's from the resv or not. Did you see any results yet?
  13. I'm on my second week of resveratrol and I'm looking quite good atm. However, I'm not sure if it's the resveratrol or the million other things I'm also doing... I think esp getting 20 mins of sunlight every lunch and lots of sun in the weekends has helped me a lot.
  14. Animus, feel free to interpret that study as you wish. I'm not sure how it could be more clear though.
  15. Yes, there is evidence: [http://www.rmit.com.au/browse/News%20and%20Events%2FNews%2FGeneral%20news%2FHealth%2Fby%20title%2FG/]