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  1. ook i stopped using everything single thing because for after all the time, energy and money i still have acne and massive red spots and old looking skin from all the crazy peeling i did. and guess what my skin is soo much better!!!!! i still have little congested pores but they never get inflamed as i do not irritate my skin in any way!! my red marks are still there and it makes me sad that they are probably a result of the harrasment i put my skin through. look im not saying that going cold
  2. WHAT I DID TO CLEAR UP MY SKIN: So this is basically what i did: I started off with AHA+ and used it for a month or so twice a day After i recieved the SA+ I layered that over the AHA+ (or mix 'em together) I also started using 65% lactic acid which are AWESOME but then i discovered 15% salicylic acid peels which bring anything n everything out. They are also fading my red marks. So yeah i am pretty clear n my red marks are fading. So hope this helps.
  3. long time no post lol anyway im back from the holidays and i kind of stopped obsessing over me skin while i was there- done me a lot of good. i continued to use the SA and AHA and yeah i am as of now CLEAR OF ANY ACTIVE PIMPLES YAY! I still get clogged pores occasionally though. I also started using this cream called VICCO which soothed things out a bit and it is super mattifying. Bad news is that i have so many red marks on my cheeks, damn it! Im gonna try a lactic acid peel on it next.
  4. The AHA+ is quite sticky in my opinion - hey i wake up slightly stuck to my pillow. Its also quite thick. Some ppl also complains that it balls up under makeup - i havent experienced this myself. SA+ is much lighter and liquidy and it absorbs quite well into the skin. I can apply a sunscreen over it without any problems.
  5. July 2008- i still remember the first 3 pimples that popped out of no where and it was downwards from there
  6. Overall its been a crappy wk 3. I have 7 red marks from currently healing/healed pimples. I have 1 massive pimple near my chin - i have no idea what the hell it is - maybe a nodule? on a + note my forehead is pretty much clear yay also my skin looks somewhat even toned and old hyperpigmentation marks are fading. anyway, i am going on holidays in 4 days so i probably wont be updating this log for a while becasue plan to forget abou acne and enjoy myself. Would do me good i think and probably
  7. So its been 2 weeks since i started the SA. During the last week i ve aquired: 3 red marks (1 of them was humungous due to freakin out and putting too much crap on a forming pimple- I AM NEVER GOING TO PUT TOO MUCH CRAP ON MY PImpleS again). 3 whiteheads on my previously smooth forehead Still have bumps on my cheeks (some of them have turned into whiteheads) I realised that i should keep my hands off my face as much as possible coz even a little touching causes the whiteheads to get inflam
  8. Good 2 hear its working for you as well! I hope we get clear
  9. No i dont think i ate anything BUT I did touch my face a fair bit - maybe that caused it to get inflamed. Yesterday there was a whitehead that i tried to pull out thinking that it was ready - BAD IDEA it got red and didnt rly come out - YAY another red mark! By gunk pieces i mean the white stuff that comes out of white heads... if that helps..
  10. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr........... i just got red inflamed pimple coming up... now its going to leave a big red mark..
  11. Have you tried Salicylic Acid? A leave on product would give you optimum results rather than a cleanser.
  12. Well, my school = full of kids that only worry about how high they can throw a football, drugs, or how perfect their hair is, or if every single friend that they have owns ugg boots. etc,etc That's all their lives revolve around. And that's pretty sad. So, I'm not suprised that they only worry about looks and what not. I know that not everyone's like that. It's just that I wish NO ONE was like that. y'know? :/ That won't ever happen though. All I'm saying is - if you think i'm fuck
  13. Well I use lemon juice as a toner and it does not irritate me BUT it burns like hell for a few minutes. It doesn't really bother me though. I dont think the ACV would interfere with the SA because the ACV would just bring the ph of your skin down and that could actually enhance the effectiveness of the SA. But just watch out for getting super red and burning which probably isnt very good for your skin - could even cause hyper pigmentation.
  14. read my Salicylic acid+ log. Sorry i don't know how to link it! Yeah like you said the facewash would not not do anything because Salicylic Acid has to be left on the skin in order for it to work and the ph would also be too high. Salicylic Acid works best in concentrations of 2% and a ph of 3-4. Your best bet is to buy a lotion that has this - theres paulas choice BHA 2% (liquid,gel and lotion), Dan's Salicylic Acid+ lotion. I pesonally use Dan's Salicylic Acid+ and have success with it so fa
  15. Wow I'm impressed. My forehead is completely clear. It was covered in tiny non inflamed bumps before I started the aha and now its completely clear with 8 days of Salicylic Acid+. Daniel, please don't ever discontinue this stuff!! It is awesome! My cheeks still have bumps but everymorning I find two or three white gunk pieces surface. Gross i know but you have no idea how happy it make me!