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  1. for all filipinos here, have u guys ever bought the regimen and have it shippd here in philippines? i really want to buy it. guys please reply!
  2. hey i have a q for all girls do girls like guys with acne

  3. i was on 25 mg spiro for a week, and everyday i got sicker and sicker. more cramps. palpitations. and bad headache. it is very hard for me to avoid potassium rich fruits, since i lot fruits and prune juice. i really wish my body cooperated. my acne is completely hormonal. i was clear for sooooo long ,like years until i took emergency pills which broke me out really bad, it is getting better now, bt it is really so hard to be clear again once u broken out.
  4. i have only used 15% TCA. 70 would jst be too strong for me
  5. apply warm compress on it and put BP.If it gets bigger then just have a cortisone shot.
  6. sauna is good for the skin because it opens your pores and helps remove the toxins. you should just get a TCA peel. i have it done every 6 mos and it really improves my skin a LOT! and dont keep it rubbing your skin harshly.
  7. hi. where did u buy your fruit of the earth aloe vera gel?
  8. guys have u heard about acne practice? i have seen it in youtube and was very impressed. severe cystic acne were rli eliminated. and u can see the weekly difference of their faces. it's rli amazing. check it out everyone, u might want to consider that
  9. kojic is too harsh for the face. bt i use it for my whole body though
  10. its good to know that there are still guys who think this way. :) not all are animals after all .
  11. sex is really great. i wouldnt deny that, but sometimes i wish my first time was my husband. i mean if u think about it, those past guys were just too lucky. haha. kiddn. but anyways, dont rush yourself to get laid. being a virgin doesnt mean you're ugly. Do it when you are completely ready. enjoy sex guys. haha
  12. try aloe vera. it helps in the skin healing
  13. water alone cannot remove make up. use a mild cleanser like cetaphil then use baking soda for 5-10 minutes. it really helps in unclogging pores
  14. you are a cutie! its moderate acne. at least it isnt all over your face.
  15. i had my tonsils removed 6 mos ago i didnt see any connection between my acne and tonsillectomy. iv been acne free for 2 years until i took emergency pills (progesterone) last august which really broke me out! i dont regret having my tonsils removed though, iv suffered from it just as mch as i suffrd frm acne