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  1. I don't know.. People with acne tend to pay much more attention to other people(or him or herself)'s skin conditions. When someone say your skin is not that bad, there are pretty high chances that he or she hasn't reckoned your acne or doesn't think it's too bad. People who think your skin is bad won't even mention about your skin because it's polite thing to do. My gran who knows how much I suffer from my acne tells how clear(er) my skin looks whenever she sees me. I know she's just saying tha
  2. Acne around the mouth or nose is the biggest bitch, I agree. It's like ten times more noticeable..
  3. Clinique's Acne Solutions products are definetely well-formulated products, except for the toner. I wouldn't bother to switch if it works well..
  4. I do every day. I've been doing this for many years and I'm actually better at it than most of girls of my age. I agree on everything countdown2failure said. You've got to check it throughly. I apply my foundation in my room with florescent light(in the morning, there's also sunlight too), and I inspect my face again in yellow light of the bathroom. I always use brush because it helps me spread foundation evenly on my face so that it looks more natural. Even if you can't make your skin imperfect
  5. I see people with acne every single day. Many highschool students and military guys(you can see more than 10 army guys every day here cause this country is still on war.) seem to be suffering from acne because of the stress and poor lifestyle. Visit Korea and see.
  6. I agree with others here. It's just like wearing clothes or accessaries. And with or without skin imperfections, lots of girls are insecure about getting out without any makeup, so you're not abnormal. I'm a boy and I also wear little makeup everytime I go out and it makes me feel much better about myself and I think that's all it matters.
  7. I think you should write a book or something. It's amazing! I'm a boy and even Double Wear Light looks too cackey and unnatural on my face..so I use much lighter one(Bourjois 10-hours sleep effect) and it barely covers spots.. Question: Do you use concealer after the foundation, or before?
  8. But corn starch actually FEEDS the bactaria on your skin! You wouldn't want that...
  9. Congrats! I've had the exactly same experience. I thought I might have grown out of it and stopped controlling my diet and everything....which was obviously a bad dicision cause few weeks later i broke out again. So, don't make the same mistake as me..
  10. Thank you for recommending, but i'm afraid 3% of zinc oxide wouldn't be enough to block UVA, since when it comes to zinc oxide, you need higher concentration compared to titanum dioxide. That looks great but it isn't available here yet.. I've got PC daily mattifying lotion(which has also avobenzone, but i've decided to give it a shot.) and it doesn't seem to break me out. Thank you though. Ah, Paula's sunscreen spray also has avobenzone in it..
  11. I don't like applying both moisturiser and sunscreen in the morning because most of those made for oily skin are silicone-based and they cause balling up issues. And I hate avobenzone sunscreens because they make my skin look somewhat nasty(red and greasy) and seem to break me out. So, is there any good moisturiser with physical sunscreen(Titanum Dioxide or Zinc Oxide)?
  12. Hi, I started using avobenzone sunscreen(Neutrogena Visibly Even SPF30) and i think it breaks me out. Is it common? Do many people break out from avobenzone? Oh, I also started using Bourjois 10-hours sleep effect foundation. maybe it's breaking me out? here's the sunscreen agents: Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 12%, Octisalate 5%, Octocrylene 1.7%, Oxybenzone 3%
  13. Three times should be okay, especially when you're using such a gentle cleanser. I often wash my face three times when I'm styaing at home all day.