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  1. So, I am going to off accutane for a week to maybe even two weeks due to a bunch of reasons. Hopefully I will be back on by next monday but at latest by next friday. I know there have been a bunch of post on this question before but I just need to hear it again. Will this two weeks affect my acne? Will it affect my course in anyway? Has anyone been off before for two weeks? Thank you!
  2. Day 8 oily face but dryer lips Red spots are fading. I can feel it. *beep* yeah. alright, finals.
  3. WOW! I just saw your month 3 pics. YOUR SKIN IS SO SMOOTH!!!! I hope my skin will be that smooth during my 3rd month.
  4. Haha. Well, I weigh around 140.... so I don't know about that. But, I do trust my dermatologist so I believe she knows what she is doing.
  5. Day 7. MY red spots are fading. awesome! *knock on wood* My lips are getting dryer. Skin especially my nose is oily as *beep*. That's it. I cant believe I am on accutane for a WEEK! *give me five, acne.org*
  6. How smooth did your face get after taking accutane. I have a bunch of bumps around my cheeks. Im wondering if they are going to smooth out after I finish with accutane? They are not deeps holes.
  7. DUDE LAUREN!!!! WE STARTED ON THE SAME DAY!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! i have been looking through logs to find an accutane buddy. Cool Beans, sista. Yeah, my skin is still pretty oily still. Anyways, good luck.
  8. hello everybody. 19 year old male of Asian Descent living in good ol' southern California. I am on day 6 of my Accutane (Sotret) journey. Hopefully in five months, I will have kick ass skin. Alrighty. the side effects that I have been feeling are none except for oily skin. No Initial Breakout yet. No dry lips. I actually want dry skin since my nose is always oily. It is annoying. When did you guys experience your dry skin and initial breakout? When did the party start for you folks? My do
  9. Is there anyway to get accutane at an affordable price without insurance?
  10. NO. your doctor is not crazy. Lets step back and think about it. Duac works great for acne for the most part. Look the reviews. 3.8. that is pretty high for prescription cream. Redspots are made from acne. IF you prevent pimples from coming up then you stop new redspots. So, it does work in the LONG RUN. There is no evidence out there that BP prolongs redspots. However, it doesn't mean it does not happen to people. But, however, I do believe you should trust your gut. You will know if it will be
  11. Well, I am currently on Duac in the mornings. I put on Tazorac at nights. I am also on an antibotic, minocycline. Well, it is kinda of working. I dont get a lot of pimples anymore but I have a lot of red spots. I would love to start to work on them but I dont want a break out and I dont want to disrupt the effectiveness of the regimen I am on right now. So, should I even try using AHA+ in my Regimen? I dont want a break out. Red spots are alot better than acne since my skin feels smooth but they
  12. Well about six weeks in, my derm gave me Retin A (.025). I take doxy 100mg for twice a day. Most of my skin has improved to a bunch of red spots but I am still breaking out. I do not know if it is the Retin A kicking in or if it is the doxy is not working. Should I get something stronger?
  13. Well, I am on doxy and Retin A. I guess the Retin A was kicking my doors open with 3 huge whiteheads and a few smaller ones. I couldnt take it anymore and I popped the big three. Oh god. What have I done? Now, they look so red. hahaha. How long did it take you guys before your skin stopped breaking out and begun healing?