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  1. I will be very interested in hearing your experience with your OBGYN. I have seen my regular care practitioner and a dermatologist who don't agree with me that my acne is hormonal. They keep prescribing me antibiotics that I refuse to take. I know that they are educated and all that good stuff, but to me it's suspicious that the only time my acne shows up is during hormonal "transitioning" periods in my life (birth control switches, course of Lupron, pregnancy, breastfeeding etc). I have a
  2. Well, it's been 9 days since I've been taking the Niacin and things are looking so much better!! I have only gotten two cysts as opposed to tons of new ones every day. My scars are fading quickly also. I do have to admit that Niacin isn't the only thing I have been taking for the last few days. Since I suspect my acne is largely related to hormones I have also been taking Evening Primrose Oil three times a day. So all in all I take Niacin, EPO, Vitamin C, B and a multi. I imagine that at
  3. It's not the fact that you claim that diet can help with acne. I totally agree with you. The reason I said "holier than thou" because of what I read in some of your other posts you make it seem like there is no solution other than "your way." If it was really that simple, nobody would have acne, and you would be rich beyond belief. You may be a very nice person; I just don't feel you come across that way. To me you are not helpful but rather patronizing. The OP did ask about diet, but t
  4. It's great that changing your diet worked for you. I agree that diet can have an impact on how our skin looks but it seems to not be the cure to my acne. I have tried not eating dairy or soy or other potential "triggers" for MUCH longer than a week. The vegetables thing was just an example. You don't need to come on here with this holier than thou attitude towards everyone (I have seen some of your posts in other threads). Again, great that it worked for you. It doesn't mean it will for ev
  5. Supplements in the form of Vitex (Agnus Castus) and Evening Primrose Oil helped me the most. I have a sneaking suspicion that my acne is hormonal. It didn't show up hardcore until after I stopped nursing my son. I have tried ProActiv, Murad, some prescription creme which was awful and made my face burn, and of course everything you can buy at the grocery store. I tried ditching sugar, carbs, fruits, soy, caffeine- I lived on vegetables and water for a week and nothing! Then I thought I was
  6. First of all, let me just say I know exactly how you feel! I am 26 and have struggled with this lovely acne problem since I stopped breastfeeding my son. At first I thought it would settle down, but it just kept getting worse and worse. My doctor first told me that it was hormonal and that it would go away on its own, but at my last appointment he gave me an Rx for some antibiotics. I never filled the prescription. We are trying to conceive another baby and this being a Category C drug I j
  7. Have you ever done any research on Demodex? This is a mite that lives on your skin and if it overgrows can cause skin issues as well as hair loss and such. Google it. There's some interesting articles out there! It's kind of a gross idea, but it might be worth looking into. I am 26 and started struggling with acne after my pregnancy. I am sure that my acne is hormone induced, but like you, no doctor will listen to me. I requested a blood test and instead got prescribed some topical antibi
  8. I think I'm going to jump on this wagon also. I am a 26 year old female. I had some acne during my teens, never anything bad although at the time I thought it was horrible. My acne got worse after I was diagnosed with endometriosis and did a course of Lupron (about five years ago). My son was born in September of last year and after I quit nursing him my skin just went haywire. I have been to two doctors and a dermatologist. The derm wanted to put me on Accutane which is out of the questio
  9. I am currently using the coral Kavi, as part of the acne regimen (III) Kavi offers. At first I suffered from a weird break out along my jaw area but that is going away now and my skin is definitely more clear. I'd use the soap alone first, just to see if you'll get results. Remember to moisturize though! My skin is super oily and never gets dry but this soap really dried it out. Good luck!!
  10. I know how you feel. My acne didn't get bad until I was in my early 20's and the list of things I've tried is as long as yours if not longer. I actually stumbled upon a review of the coral Kavi bar on this website. I just ordered Kavi's Step III acne kit and so far it's been pretty good. I have some mild break outs because my skin is so dry but overall it is much better. I am hoping and praying this will be it for me! I think they have a money back guarantee. It's kind of expensive but I'
  11. I ordered some samples from Beauty Bliss to cover me until I can find some time to make my own! Their matte foundation is mica and bismuth free so I'm hopeful. I will let you know how things turns out!
  12. I am going to try the mica free route since I am about 90% sure that's what's making me break out when I wear mineral makeup (itching, weird rash-like pimples etc.). I've tried BM and EM and they were just no good so hopefully eliminating the mica will work. Has anyone tried Beauty Bliss cosmetics? They offer a mica free foundation. I ordered some samples already but I 'm just curious if anyone has any experience with them. Thanks much!
  13. Sounds like fun! Kind of like a cool chemistry experiment. I will check it out-thanks so much!
  14. That is a great idea-making your own make up! My skin is pretty dark though, porcelain probably wouldn't do it for me! Maybe you can kind of tell me the basics and I will experiment with it? Thanks!!
  15. Mica reaction? Interesting. I will have to read up on that. Are you allergic to Mica too? Is there anything that you use and like?