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  1. Beautiful__underneath

    Giovanni D:tox System

    update: stopped using these I believe they were making me break out.
  2. Beautiful__underneath

    Crater Face :(

    A little backstory...My husband and I have been together nearly 10 years. I've had acne the whole time we've been together. He always says that it doesn't matter to him and he really seems not to notice it. I feel ok about not wearing makeup around him. I've always been very self conscious about my skin, but the past few years have been the worst. A few years ago we had a very bad breakup. He left me for another girl....who has THE most PERFECT skin I've ever seen. No joke, it's PERFECT. Ugh An
  3. Beautiful__underneath

    Giovanni D:tox System

    Used it last night and this morning. It didn't make my face red, which is nice. My skin feels smooth today under my makeup, but it almost feels like the moisturizer isn't moisturizing enough. I guess time will tell! I'll try to keep updating!
  4. So, I've been breaking out like crazy the past week or so, and I've been pretty down about it. Lately I've been feeling a little fed up with bp...the bleached towels and hair, the large pores, and overall yucky texture of my skin. I've been thinking of switching my routine for a while now... Especially now that I'm preggers. I've been wanting to try something organic. Something that's actually GOOD for my skin. So I was at Target and came across these products by Giovanni. It's a detox system wi
  5. Beautiful__underneath

    Advice on scars/treament please!

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I just found out I'm pregnant so chemicals/spending large amounts of money are out of the question. Do you think microdermabrasion would help me at all? I think I'm more concerned with the redness at this point in time. It's much more noticeable than in my photos.
  6. Beautiful__underneath

    Advice on scars/treament please!

    Can someone please help me identify my scars and give me some advice for the best treatment for my skin? I was thinking about trying microdermabrasion or possibly a chemical peel. Not sure if either of those would improve my skin or not. I know they won't really help deep scars. I like that they are relatively low risk and somewhat affordable. Also my local Aveda spa offers some facials that sound promising: http://www.aveda.com/enter/stores/spa_services.tmpl I'm really not sure if I should b
  7. Beautiful__underneath

    November 30

    Day one: Skin: Woke up to no new pimples, still have a few fresh red marks from the break out I got over Thanksgiving week. Fist time trying the Olay peel. My skin feels very soft and my pores feel extremely clean. It made my face a little bit red, but my makeup went on smooth as butter and my face looks pretty great! after the peel: After First Peel right side: Right Side After First Peel Left side: Left Side After First Peel after makeup: After Makeup not bad Diet: Breakfast:
  8. Beautiful__underneath

    The Beginning

    So, for those of you who don't know me here is a little background info. I'm 23 years old. I've had acne since I was about 12. After about 11 years of dealing with acne I'm finally seeing dramatic changes in my skin. I used to get about 3 pimples a day, now I get about 3-5 a month. Obviously much better. Having acne has greatly impacted my life. I am not very outgoing, when I'm breaking out I tend to have very low self esteem, I don't go anywhere without make up on, I've missed out on many exper
  9. Beautiful__underneath

    stupid skin!! Advice please!

    hmm I saw that somewhere...just wasn't sure it would produce dramatic enough results, but I guess I'll have to read up on it more. Thanks for the advice :)
  10. Beautiful__underneath

    stupid skin!! Advice please!

    So, I've had acne since I was like 12 years old. In the past 6 months it has almost completely cleared up. I used to get about 10-20 pimples every month I now get 3-5 sometimes even less. I am mostly dealing with the red marks and scars. I'm getting married next May and I really want my skin to be in good condition. I am also just fed up with having terrible skin. I want to be able to leave the house without makeup!! I was thinking about doing some lactic acid peels. Do you think it will help my
  11. Beautiful__underneath


    What's left of my acne
  12. Beautiful__underneath

    Advice on treatment please

  13. Beautiful__underneath

    Advice on treatment please

    Yeah that could work since I doubt I'll be able to see a doc right now.
  14. Beautiful__underneath

    Advice on treatment please

    Agreed with last sentence! Thanks! :]