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  1. I completely understand what you are saying about hair cuts , harsh lights and mirrors.. I used to feel exactly the same... I have another month and 10 days to go, but its going really well.... congratulations on making it so far and doing so well...YAY for the end.
  2. I think the improvement is amazing!!! ...you look great, good luck with the rest of the course !! i'm sure you will start seeing your skin look better and better
  3. BTW... I have asthma too ! ...and I can totally empathize with everything you have recently gone through,.. I hope things settle down and you feel better soon!
  4. hey! thanks for commenting on my log...I was just going through yours and it looks like you experienced a bad IB ...that must have really sucked....I only saw real improvement about 2 months into the course. I'm also totally with you on the whole people with good skin have no idea what having acne is like ... i battled it for 11 years before i decided that I had to do this and I don't regret it for a second. good luck to you!
  5. Its going really well! thanks for asking! ..yup its been 3 months and I have no actives on my face and my skins gotten super soft ...I feel great ! heres a picture (with makeup on!)
  6. Day 50 or so BAD bad day for side effects today, My backs been hurting like a bitch AND i had my first nose bleed EVER, very icky... and my eyes are super dry and eye drops aren't helping and thats giving me a bad headache ..sigh ... anyway rant over ...I still love whats its doing for my skin, as of now I have only ONE active on my cheek and thats amazing for me. My skin feels really soft and I love it.! ...
  7. Day 44 I think! The massive pustule calmed down and another sprung up right above that one , but funnily enough calmed down super quickly, right now i have only those 2 healing bumps on my cheek. the rest of my face looks fairly decent and with my makeup on , I look presentable!! ...i'm loving it.. the one side effect thats bothering me a tiny bit is dry eyes. Eye drops arent helping too much....but its not too bad yet. So I'm hoping it doesn'nt get worse...
  8. I think you look amazing now! . I see so much improvement, congratulations!!! ...
  9. Hey Owen....Thanks for the encouragement ! its always nice to know that people are actually reading my log ..lol ... Its a complete roller coaster ride ...how far into the course are you ? ...My oil production started slowing about 3 weeks into my course, but my skin still hasn't gone completely dry yet, I'm now on 40mg so maybe it'll start soon. Day 35 ( I think!?) Update Got one massive pustule on my cheek.,.. its that time of the month though and the fact that its only one single pimp
  10. Hey Leesh.... I know what you mean about it being a confidence killer ! ...i'm just wondering why i waited so long to actually go on it...I'm glad I did atleast now...keep at it and dont lose hope , It will work for all of us...and we will love our faces again! .... Good luck!!
  11. well its done, my blood work was all normal, so i'm now on 40 mg/day, I think this is as high as i'll go. I hope the side effects dont go nuts on me now, I just got adjusted to the 20 , it'd suck if my mood swings went through the roof. Things are going pretty well so far. I got a couple of small actives again which are taking ages to heal, but they are so small i dont really care. I can see so much improvement in my skin from when i started , I'm loving it!
  12. Hey Hina , nice that you dropped by again, I did try birth control pills twice before, it never really made a huge difference to my acne, I'm currently also on the pill. 28th day update : Not one active on my face...this feels amazing! I obviously have tons of lil bumps and lots of scars and LOTS of dark marks, but hey this to me is amazing progess...I feel good, my makeup looks better on me , i feel like I don't need as much as well. I'm going to get my blood work done ina couple of
  13. So here are the latest pics...I think there is improvement, do you guys see it too ?
  14. OMG ,..i think you look amazing ...I hope it works as well for me ! ...congrats!
  15. Day 20 update: No exciting changes to report, lips are really dry, but thats all, my face has gone back to feeling normal, no dryness at all. Maybe If and when I up my dose next month I will start to actually see some improvement, The existing acne on my face isn't showing any startling changes. Most of the bumps are drying up slowly, theres one on my forehead, one on my left cheek those are healing well. But the cluster of 3-4 pimples on my right cheek arent. They are refusing to come out. Als
  16. I know what you mean when you say you are feeling insecure, I'm not feeling great at the moment either...my skins pretty bumpy and breaking out at the moment, add to that hyper pigmentation and you have yourself a recipe for disaster! Accutanes also affecting my moods...so I keep having crying spells...not fun!.. try and stay upbeat though its hard! .. I'm with you here!
  17. hey again! I'm on 20 mg/day as well... day 17 ....I'm not seeing too much improvement yet...but it seems to be going so well for you..that gives me hope!!! ...
  18. I know I shouldn't pick! ...its so hard not to though! ... Day 16 update: very dry lips facial skin is a oily in some places , dry in others a massive pustule on my cheek and a big bump on forehead which is not moving and looks really icky! no other changes, no mood swings, except my skins getting me down a bit, i am trying to focus on getting through the next few months!
  19. I agree Crane, thats all that keeps you going! day 14 update Mental state is a lot better! ... couple of new actives have come up, one on my forehead and one on my cheek. The one of my cheek popped fairly quickly. The one if my forehead isn't budging. The rest of my face is much the same ,no changes. Other side effects are dry lips still, but the dryness on my face has gone down again. Its weird how it keep yoyoing. I also get a lot of nausea after I take the pills. Oh and also incredible thir
  20. Hey Amanda... Totally get where you are coming from, I'm 27 and have had acne for about 11 years, Good luck with your course and I hope it all works out for you
  21. Good luck with your course , I'll try and answer your questions the best I can Its normal for your face to get red. You are on a fairly high initial dose. Will it go away soon... That depends on how your body/skin reacts to the drug, its different for different people. I think you mean IB , that an initial breakout, A lot of people find that their acne worsens initially before getting better, you may or may not face this problem. The breakout usually clears up within a couple of weeks. I'd
  22. Heya Crane! Thanks for the reply! Mental state - I'm very moody , very ready to burst into tears at the slightest provocation!! its such a pain being so touchy..but hey if 6 months of this frees me for the rest of my life ...I'm NOT complaining!! ... I've been a little prone to depression anyway most of my adult years ..mostly due to my acne ...so hopefully once this is over and done with , it won't ever come back. *crosses fingers*
  23. Day 12 update Thanks Crane! ..it looks like it already started...this is weird...i was feeling so incredibly oily up until yesterday and now suddenly my skin feels super dry and stretchy... lips are very dry...but not unmanageable...noticed no hair loss yet, but my eyelashes have definitely been falling out more so than usual. I get a few tiny actives now and again, they also seem to be taking ages to heal. Thats about it for now
  24. Day 9 update: Ok , so HELP!!! Major oil slick alert..!! i am dripping oil!! no amount of blotting/powdering is helping! ...i have no other side effects ..so i guess its a good thing ? ..