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  1. Tanning beds don't give you the UV wavelength to produce Vitamin D...it's only when you're out in the sun, so keep that in mind. And yes, I speak from personal experience plus talking to my dermatologist....tanning will make acne worse.
  2. Blushes and face powders are about 2 years...they don't really go bad. It also depends on the brand. A face powder might oxidize and thus change color. But my NARS blush has lasted me years and I only threw my first one out after 3ish years because I figured it was time to replace it but otherwise I had tons left. If the texture/smell/color changes then you'll know it's gone bad. Also, with acne-prone skin you might consider tossing it within a year...bacteria might accumulate on it.
  3. Please don't go UV tanning. It doesn't even provide you the specific UV rays to give you your dose of Vitamin D. It will, and it's proven, that it will make your acne worse. People always look best with their original skin color. If you must, I suggest wearing a good sunblock (physical sunscreens are less irritating) and spending more time doing stuff outdoors. You'll get a natural base tan and you'll be making vitamin D, making endorphins and getting HEALTHY. I'm a girl and I can assure y
  4. I'm a big fan of high-end beauty products, but $65 on Cle de Peu's concealer is not worth it unless you can actually test it at one of their counters (Neiman or Saks or Bergdorf Goodman has it, I'm not sure which ones have it). They also have a really limited range of colors for their concealers. Of course there's a possibility that there's a good match for you, but don't spend that much money only to have it be wrong for you. I have serious under-eye circles, too...it's usually hereditary.
  5. YES. Liquid foundation tends to look best in pictures (in my experience), but it doesn't look so great in real life...and I don't like the cakey/heavy feeling I get from it. Sigh.
  6. As much as I love makeup, airbrushing is just too much for me. For me, the initial investment plus all the refills/cartridges aren't worth it. Tinted moisturizer or mineral makeup for me! I am interested in your experiences with airbrushing makeup, though.
  7. I just started using the Bobbi Brown long-lasting gel eyeliner and I love it. I also like Lancome's Le Styo Waterproof (it's a creamy pencil that is retractable).
  8. I recommend using the AHA at night; it makes your skin sensitive to light anyway.
  9. I'm so excited! Especially since squalane (sp?) and sodium hyaluronate are in it--great moisturizing ingredients. Jojoba oil is the second ingredient in it, AND licorice extract is in it?!?! Thank you so much! I need more cleanser anyway, ordering today!!! Yes, I know I'm getting way too excited. But this is coming from a person who spends THOUSANDS of dollars on skincare (over the years). I like Skinceuticals and tretinoin, but I still use the acne.org cleanser, moisturizer, jojoba oil,
  10. This is the makeup I use, and I think I put down everything I'm currently using and like. I recently have not been wearing too much, as tretinoin is clearing up my skin and kind of drying out my skin but I still like to experiment and when I have an occasion, I like to put on makeup. I don't use all of this stuff at once, usually I will mix and match. All of the stuff I list, though, is stuff I love. I have tried MANY products that have not worked. I do not list them; that list would go on
  11. I know, it sucks that it's 2010 and makeup is not really that much better. Bare Minerals often gives out samples, even of their matte formulation...that to me seems like very low investment cost (both financially and for your skin). I only use my Laura Mercier MMU sparingly...I am in "remission" so to speak but I do not use it even when I have one pimple, as it will highlight it. I've been using tinted moisturizer recently, as it's more forgiving on my skin. Mineral makeup is just something
  12. I found the classic Olay sensitive skin spf 15 at my local Hannafords (supermarket chain) but not at Rite Aid. I suggest shopping around at different places...I live in a small place and if I could find it, I'm willing to bet that other people can too if they go to different places.
  13. It's the mica. It's in most mineral makeup and definitely in Bare Minerals, which is why I don't use it anymore. I have a friend who had the same complaint, and she tried their Matte formulation, which seems a little better. I use Laura Mercier's mineral makeup, which gives me a nice pearl-y finish. Hope this helped!
  14. I'm really excited about the new formulation of the lotion; still has squalane and sodium hyalaurate (spelling?) and I think jojoba oil is the second ingredient!!! Not to mention the licorice root extract. I'm going to some soon, as I also need the cleanser (works great with my clarisonic!).
  15. I used to use pore strips when I was in high school...bad bad bad idea. They just come back and they definitely made my pores worse. I was lucky, but they can cause spider veins to wherever they're applied.