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    Hi, I'm Alicia :D<br /><br />I've struggled with acne since I was 16... before that my skin was crystal clear; I literally woke up one morning with pimples :( I've pretty much tried EVERYTHING for my acne (no perscription stuff though), and nothing's worked so far. *sigh* Right now I'm trying apple cider vineagar; hopefully that works.<br /><br />More about me... I'm eighteen and in my first year of university. I love animals and I have a kitty. I have a lot of 'fandoms'; my main ones are Phantom of the Opera (musical), Labyrinth (movie), and Doctor Who (tv show.) I 'ship' Sarah/Jareth and Doctor/Rose obsessively. :p I love to read and write; I mainly read horror or mystery, but I won't say no to a good fantasy. I LOVE horror movies, especially the Nightmare on Elm Street series.<br /><br />Ummm not sure what else to say... I'm quite sarcastic, but I'm hardly ever mean. I like to be happy and have fun, and I hope to meet some people in my situation on this site :)
  1. I wouldn't say it's affecting my friendships, but I definitely can't leave the house without makeup... I know that my skin would probably heal faster without it, and it's probably not as bad as I think... but I just can't bring myself to go out in public makeup-free. ps - haha yeah, labyrinth is awesome!
  2. I know how you feel, I've fought with acne for three years and I've tried loads of over the counter stuff and nothing had worked. I used to make excuses not to go places, and sometimes I would even fake sick to stay home from school... recently I started drinking apple cidar vinegar and using it on my face as a sort of toner, and it's honestly worked... my forehead was TERRIBLE about a month ago, every inch was covered with pimples, but now I only have one or two small ones. Keep strong, it mig
  3. Day 4 So... I think some progress has been made. My forehead, which is the worst on my face right now, is getting better... there's been no new pimples, and the ones that are there are getting smaller and drying out. The only thing is my skin began to peel a bit so now it's really red and looks worse than it is. No new pimples on my face, and the ones that have been there since before I started my 'new regimen' are healing. The skin is raw, as previously mentioned because I picked at them,
  4. Oh I can COMPLETELY relate to you... I feel like I have the same ultimatum; it's like I'm either the girl with bad skin or the girl who wears way too much cakey makeup. It sucks, and usually I choose the latter because at least with makeup I can 'pretend' I look good. I also do the 'wake up extra-early and apply makeup' thing. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've spend who knows how much money on makeup over the years... and no matter what I end up having to cake it on for it to cover my blemishe
  5. Ookay... so I'm Alicia, I'm 18 and I've struggled with acne for the past 3 years. I literally woke up one morning with pimples on my face... once upon a time I DID have good skin, and I'm hoping to get back to that point someday. My skin is pretty oily, but it can also get really dry and flaky. I usually break out on my chin and forehead, and occasionally around my nose; but my chin is the WORST. I guess my acne isn't THAT bad, but since I have really pale skin my blemishes and subsequent rednes
  6. I know this feeling is shared by everyone, but I need to let out how I feel in a place where I'll be understood... acne has RUINED my life. In Grade 9 & 10, I had awesome skin. I could experiment with makeup because I didn't have to worry about covering up blemishes, and my self-confidence was through the roof. But since I've been suffering with acne, I no longer feel 'pretty' or confident. I've spent far too much money on makeup, and I hate myself even more because I end up caking on makeu