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  1. I thought I'd post that I'm unfortunately not acne free like I was last time I posted on here. It's been around one year and 6 months since I finished my Accutane treatment. I would say the past 9 months I've had off and on acne, but within the past 3 months it's been getting progressively worse. This might have to do with me being in a stressful college setting, but I'm not sure. Anyways, I don't plan on going back on Acctane, I don't have the time for doctor appointments and blood work, or mon
  2. Congrats on finishing accutane and having pretty clear skin! (Not to say that it wasnt pretty before it was clear!) =)

  3. Hey, congrats on your beautiful clear skin! looks amazzzingg :D. I think i'm going on Roaccutane soon.. yays!

    also LOL at the guy below/above me

  4. Lindsey2589

    Before and After Accutane

    I am not done with my Accutane "journey" yet, but here are some photos of my progress. I will post more as the months go on. On Feb 1st 2010, I entered my fourth month on Accutane. Time has flown by! I can't wait to see what my face looks like two months from now, I have noticed such a significant change, I hardly think about my skin anymore. I used to constantly be depressed about it. If you are considering Accutane, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. You will not be disappointed.
  5. YAHHHH! Tonight I swallowed my last dang orange pill. Feels awesome to be done. I remember taking my first pill on November 1st 2009, thinking I had such a long road ahead of me, but time flew by, it really did. This time my skin wasn't getting worse like when using other products, it was only getting better, one week at a time. I'd do it again! I am SO happy with my skin now, all I need is a little make-up and I'm out the door. I know it's annoying to hear that when you are the op
  6. oooo-k. So I am getting a little frustrated. If you saw my gallery, you can see that I am on 4.5 months on Accutane and I still have acne and scars. This sucks. My derma said if my face looks good to me by Easter, I can just cancel my April 5th appointment that would get me another months supply and I would be DONE DONE AND DONE. I'm not sure what to do. It'll cost me another 160 bucks to do another month, but maybe it would be worth it? Does acne continue to get better once your off the med
  7. Off and on this week I keep getting a red rash on the top of my hands and wrists. I did some research about it, and it's an Accutane-induced eczema. Apparently it's common, so if you experience this, it's fine. I got some Eucerine Hand Lotion (WORKS SO GOOD)! also when it gets bad I read to avoid warm/hot water, because it just makes it worse and stings...which is veryyy true. THIS WEEK: Lips super dry - not cool. Lower back pain pretty bad- not cool. Face broke out a little this wee
  8. Hey, I looked at your gallery cause I saw that you were on my page. By the looks of the pictures your skin is really clear, I'm surprised you want to take on the side effects of accutane if your skin looks like how the pictures showed. But I suppose those could be old "before" pictures, if so I would suggest accutane, I am into my 5th month and am so thankful everyday for this miracle medicine. My first month I was on 40 mg. Second and third monht I did altering days, 40 mg on day and 80 mg the
  9. TODAY IS MY 4 MONTH ANNIVERSARY WITH ACCUTANE!! HA. I went and got my two viles of blood drawn this morning (prego test and liver/health test) and got my prescription right after. I am going to go get it filled tomorrow! Still taking 80 mg a day (one 40 mg with breakfast/one 40 mg before bed). My Derma said that he thought this 5th month would be my final month, but this morning when he looked at my face he said, probably two more months, so I'd be done April 30th. ahhhhh, I can't wait un
  10. I didn't have any active acne this morning. ahhhh life is GOOD!!!!!!!!!! I think my skin is starting to improve and I can tell that bumping up my dosage up for 80 mg per day really did the trick, I will stick with it all the way through next month as well, I can't wait to see where I'm at a month from now. No news really, besides my lips have been REALLY dry this week other than that, my skin is improving significantly every day. ABOUT MY SCARS AND RED MARKS: I am still looking for good w
  11. oops, already lurked :P

  12. omg! you look EXACTLY like this girl i know in your avatar picture!!! i know thats kinda random but just had to say that lol

  13. My mom was so upset with me when I told her I waned to get on accutane. basically I flipped out on the phone with her and starting crying and then she realized how important this was for me. Some key things that are important to know on accutane: The side effects are NOT what they say they will be for the majority of people. Most of us just have dry lips, dry eyes, dry inside of nose, all of those are easily treated!My derma has me on Dr. Theo's Omega-3 fish oil softgels to help with the dryn
  14. yeah I do have pictures posted! Under my profile you can view people's pictures in their gallery.