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  1. kaleidoscopic

    Airgent Treatment Diaries

    overall do you recommend airgent?
  2. kaleidoscopic

    Man in the Mirror: Pre and Post Subcision Photos

    Thanks so much Matt I will keep shopping around. I thought he was charging a lot too because I have so many indented scars all over my face
  3. kaleidoscopic

    Toronto Subcision Doctors?

    Hi, does anyone know a derm that performs subcision in Toronto? I had a consult with Dr. Sheldon Pollack he charges $1000 and only performs subcision once. It sounded a little too pricey to me. I've read a lot about Padma Jain and all the treatments she offers just sounds like she's trying to make as much money as she can. Please give me your input, it is greatly appreciated
  4. kaleidoscopic

    Man in the Mirror: Pre and Post Subcision Photos

    hi matt, how much did the subcision treatments cost you? and did u get any fillers? Its very hard to find a doctor who performs subcision in toronto. I found one and he charges $1000. He said it is a one time thing and he only does subcision ones and not multiple times. What is your take on this? because a lot of people that have had subcision on this forum have had more then 1 subcision treatment. And what do you think about the price? Again thank you and you advice is appreciated!
  5. kaleidoscopic

    Finally got my excision done!

    hi no_hope did u end up finding a good derm to perform subcision in toronto? im looking...