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  1. Yeah I do this all the time. I'm better at it now. When I first started doing it, my friends would ask why I put "make-up or some kind of cream on my moquito bite".
  2. You have acne now and you will have acne later. It's best not to let this chance go by. I was in a similar situation a few weeks ago. I had a breakout and felt it was best not to talk to this one girl I like until my breakout was over. I had talked to her a few times before the breakout (my acne is on and off) and we seem to get along pretty well. Fortunately, after a week my breakout and hyperpigmentation were all gone (thx to BHA and AHA). When this happened, I became comfortable about talking
  3. Yea I thought she was shy at first but I realized she is not the shy kind of person. She is very popular at school because of her looks. She has many friends and I think she has a boyfriend but they dont see each other often because they live in different city. She first had sex when she was 15. I think these are signs she is anything but shy. lol howd you find that out
  4. Not so good for ppl like me who get 1 massive, painful zit at a time (looks ridiculous).
  5. Happens all the time for me. My acne is on and off. When I don't have it, it feels like I won't get it again but a few days later they return
  6. Proactiv is almost the exact same as dan's products. Same concept, to say the least.
  7. That is partially true but not entirely. I see the ugliest assholes with the hot girls. When girls tell you they prefer a nice guy over an asshole, they are lying or they are ugly );
  8. Guys... use a moisturizer. Make sure it's non-comedogenic. Very simple solution.
  9. I noticed Dan's program is a carbon copy of proactiv. Anyone else notice this?
  10. proactiv worked for me, i used to use clean&clear salicylic acid products and neutrogena cleanser/mask 2.5% BP but those were just wash, not lotion. since proactiv has bp lotion it worked perfectly and i dont even need to use a moisturizer anymore because of the revitalizing toner in the 3-step solution or whatever they call it. The refining mask (6% sulfur) also works really well vs. acne spots.