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  1. also, can the shot be just as effective in attempt for handling acne?
  2. since they each deliver a unique blend of hormones, how is the best way to figure out which kind is best for each individual?
  3. http://www.acneguide.ca/acne_med_treatment...trol_pills.html Has anyone found a pill that doesn't cause an initial breakout nor cause heavy emotional responses? I tried Ortho-Tricyclen a while ago and it was awful! Terrible breakouts, awful mood swings, everything bad. I guess cause it has three different hormone levels. Are there any with a steady flow of hormones that regulate androgens?
  4. i know this is a tad irrelevant to your main concern, but you mentioned you cook with olive oil and i just wanted to spread the word that olive oil is not stable to cook with. at high temperatures it releases free radicals and destroys nutrients. only cook with butter, virgin coconut oil, or canola oil(though i'm not certain if canola is good for acne prone skin.. i do know it contains omega 3 and can withstand heat). extra virgin olive oil is great for salads, foods that have already been co
  5. I believe it'll take a few weeks to a month. There's some information about how to go about this on http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/ As the site mentions, if you're experiencing withdrawals then take a good amount of vitamin c because the composition has a similarity of glucose so it should calm the cravings a touch. Be sure to get plenty of good fats! Good luck!!
  6. This post is mostly inquisitive, but I will give a few thoughts of my own. I've noticed that you can lean on your other and perhaps rest your head on their shoulder, but be sure not to touch your face against them, and it feels natural and embracing, just get used to not completely releasing your neck (personally I think it looks much more attractive to not slump all over, keeps you more alert too). When making out, is there a way to avoid their nose rubbing against our cheeks? Do to them as
  7. i was thinking about tinted moisturizer lately but since the moisturizer creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup what if it leaves your skin more susceptible to clogs...
  8. -If I'm running late I just put on a bandanna so I don't need to apply concealer/foundation on my forehead -If I'm just going to the doctor and I know I won't be going anywhere else I'll just apply concealer; it looks a bit splotchy but it's better than red marks galore. Same thing if I'm just not in the mood for seeing my marks when I'm around my house.
  9. some people are overweight, some are annoying, some have terrible features, some have skin troubles, some have organ problems...i think you're getting my drift. as long as we hold our head up high and emit joyously warm vibrations, our skin troubles, no matter how bad they are, will just be a distant concern from people's minds. this site is proof that we all make enormous efforts to alleviate this bacteria that just loves our skin. it's unbelievable how much healthier, more hygienic, and mo
  10. oh god the dentist! i haven't been in just over a year. i've been terrified to go cause i know my mouth will be uncomfortably pried open, leading to cracking skin, plus being under lights...dammit...i'm going to have to go or else i'll end up with bad skin and teeth. when i do go i'm just going to close my eyes and relax. have you ever heard of Kava Kava? it's a stress support herb, makes ya mellow. it even says on the bottle to take some before an interview, social gathering, anywhere you
  11. i'm planning on getting a 30 minutes facial and telling them to be very gentle, perhaps not even extract anything cause if after all this time i haven't found a proper way to remove a deep whitehead, they probably won't be able to either. definitely won't go unless i don't have any actives.
  12. right on all. acne's gotten me feeling edgy when the possibility of something touching my face arises, to become OCD [with pillowcases, clothes, hair, makeup brushes, hands, etc.], eat hella healthy[+], avoid hanging out with people for the most part - yet i find myself hanging out with buddies that have at least a regular breakout more than those who dont, wake up much earlier than i'd like to to put makeup on, realize that if i strengthen my personality my skin won't be thought of as as much
  13. when relatives pinch my cheeks or grab my face, thinking of reasons to tell people why i'm only eating certain things and avoiding others w/o revealing that it's to try help my acne situation, people telling me about "awesome acne relieving" cleansers and toners without relevance to conversation, taking extra time in the morning to take care of my high maintenance skin and covering the marks best i can, running into someone i haven't seen in a long time and get asked what happened to my face, wo
  14. massaging skin enhances circulation, wonderful, but i've also heard that during a facial the person extracts impurities from the skin and exfoliates dead cells away. can we trust that the person isn't going to mess around with deep whiteheads that won't manually budge, causing them to inflame the next day, or what if they just scrub around and break things open and spread bacteria everywhere? naturally if this were going to be done i'd prefer to go when i don't have any, or many, actives...tho
  15. i've read that garlic pills lack a certain vitamin, same with cooked garlic. i suppose that making tea with garlic would also deplete some vitamins, but i suppose not as many as cooking for long periods with it. i'm going to try drinking garlic tea a few times a day and see how it works.