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  1. I understand the difference in different depths of the needles and the 3line and wide roller etc. But im wondering if anyone has any preference in the company of the dermaroller. Ive been looking and ive noticed that the Dr. Rollers are as much as 79 US dollars. Some others are as low as $29. Then on ebay ive seen them as low $5.99. Just wondering which one everyone has been using and what recommendations or negative expierences with certain brands. Thanks.
  2. DAY 28 (i believe) Ughhh! I really dont know what to think about retin-a right now. Its not that i'm upset with it i just don't think it's what i need to achieve the results i want. I almost don't even feel like it's affecting my skin in anyway (good or bad). Well i take that back i do notice slightly smoother skin and texture, but acne wise i know im suppose to give it time but it doesnt even feel like its doing ANYTHING! i get the same 2-4 pimples a week spread out in the different area i
  3. what strength are you using? i started retin-a .025 a little over 3 weeks ago. i started the first 10 days applying every other day. also make sure i dont apply more than a pea size amount and i havent had any irratation, well i had some twice but i applyed too much those nights. basically if you dont use over the reccommeded amount and wear a sunscreen you'll be absolutly fine.
  4. dave611


    hmmm... thats really strange...sorry i can't help ya but neosporin has been a Godsend for me. It heals my pimples much much faster and really helps prevent scarring. Just goes to show you how everyone reacts different.
  5. Day 22 Wow its been awhile since i updated. Ive still been on these boards quite a bit there just hasnt been much to report. In the past week ive had one close comodeon on my forhead form a whitehead. 2 zits come up on my right check, one came to a head but healed nicely in like 2-3 days. A small zit on my chin that healed in about a day. And a pustale come up on my left check that went down quickly formed a small scab that came off in the shower but has left a pretty bad redmark FML. Idk
  6. Name:Dave Start Date:Dec. 11th, 2009 Dosage:3-4grams before breakfast(empty stomach) Results: Too early Other factors:Niacin No Flush 500mg daily. Healthy diet low sodium and sugar. Workout 5-6 days a week. Retin-a .025 at night. History: Mild acne, 3-4 pustals a month with some closed comodeons that form into small whitheads.
  7. Hey there! Sorry to hear your having a minor breakout but hey at least its minor and it is that dreaded time when the IB is suppose to happen so it looks like everything is going as planned lol. Glad to hear that your liking the change in overall skin color and texture always gotta look at the positives. I noticed you are taking niacin No Flush. i just ordered some yesterday to hopefully combat the IB i may be getting next week. How long have you been taking it, and have you noticed anything
  8. DAY 14 Wow 2 weeks already! Still nothing major happening. i know i said i was going to wait 2 weeks to start applying it everyday but i wasnt noticing any ill effects so i started saturday night applying it every night. Really no irratation. Slightly dryer but i really don't think i need to moisturize(i do anyway tho). I had a whitehead on my forehead about 4 days ago, it was gone by lastnight. left a slight redmark tho dammit, just add to my collection i guess. Mabye i should start a new h
  9. Hello everyone, just ordered my 21oz. container last night. Ill keep everyone updated on the progress. Also am going to start niacin. And just started retin-a about 2 weeks ago. IM sure this will vary the results but i have a pretty good understanging of how my body reacts to things. I've always had a clean diet 90% of the time (did personal training for the last 2 years) but always had the weekend party problem. Hopefully this and the niacin will eliminate the mild acne i get which i belie
  10. Day 10 My face is finally starting to feel like im applying somthing to it. Woke up this morning and it felt like it was burning. Well slightly, notihing painful but i can def. feel it. Could be because i think i used too much last night, applying it while after being at the bar all night but whatever. Haha i came home last night hopped into bed then remembered that i was suppose to use my retin-a and got really excited, seriously jumped outta bed and was like woooooo time to kill my acne li
  11. DAY 8 Still not much new to report. SKin does feel slightly smoother so far which is cool. A new whitehead popped up on my chin yesterday, all others are drying up nicely. Oh ya i have like 2 blackhead looking things purging out on my right check which is somthing different. IM pretty proud of myself as one looks like it would be really easy to squeeze out but i restrained myself from piccking at it after staring at it for like 5 min in the mirror this morning. Got a new job serving at outbac
  12. Hey there, ok first of all calm down lol. i know easier said than done when you see somting negative happen even if its just minor. How long have you been using retin-a? I just started retin-a a few days ago so i dont know from personal expierence but ive done quite a bit of research and talked to quite a few people on it and the general opinion is and im sure you've heard that it gets worse before it gets better. I feel thats true not just for acne since from what i understand it intially thin
  13. DAY 5 Nothing new really to report. 2 of the 3 smaller ones i had on my chin have healed one is still red and angry. As for my forehead one is almost healed and the other came to a nice lil whitehead along with a new whithead on my right cheek....sweeeeet. Pretty positive the new one isnt from the retin-a cuz i felt it starting a lil the night i started and it came to a head yeasterday. so far i notice no side effects what so ever. mabye a lil dryer but its also been colder and windy outside
  14. I know your not suppose to but i was wondering if anyone tans while using retin-a. Im sure it varies on the individual on how sensitive your skin becomes but in winter months i use a tanning booth once a week for 10/15 minutes to keep a lil color also improves my mood. My overall complexion looks so much better with some color. Or does anyone use sunless tanners or if your able to on retin-a.
  15. DAY 2 Well nothing new to report. No peeling or irratation. I had 3 small guys on my chin on 2 on my forehead yesterday and they have shrunk/dried pretty nicely since yesterday. I think im going to skip the Retin-A tonight and just apply it every other night for the first 2 weeks. Of course i am going out tommorow night so there's a 99.9% chance ill be too drunk to apply it when i get home. PLus i dont know if its a good idea to apply that while being intoxicated. So i guess i'll be giving m