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  1. so I just picked up Niacin 500mg Inostol Hexanicotinate. should I stick to this or should i get the flush kind. the one i got doesnt say anthing about nicotinamide
  2. It does have a great price with some good vitamins. Or you could buy a regular multi-v with all that stuff already in it..look at the suplement facts on a multi-v ALL that stuff is there lol.
  3. Im always on a workout regimen where I need to be more aggressive about my diet and vitamins. I always knew to much Iodine was bad, but you should still have it in your diet. But NO strong multi-v is Iodine free from what I can see, there all week multi-vs. They have 150mcg Iodin in them that cat really effect your skin that much can it?
  4. its different for everybody. I live in south florida and I think I look better in the winter, but in the summer I always break out more. I went to london one winter in the city and cleared up in blistering 20 degree weather. Sometimes it seems like your getting clearer because it blends the acne in with your skin, but if your paler then your zits stick out more. But if your sure its the sun that helps clear you, then it might be the vitamin D? just a thought
  5. yes it does have alot to do with the water! At my parents house my skin stays relitively clear, I moved out a couple yrs ago my skin blows up. And I just recently went 2 jail 4 a couple of months...that was the worst, the water there is recycled through the jail system and is extremly hard..and theres only one tempature(scorching hot) See about getting a water filter
  6. So I posted a topic a couple of months ago about me having to go to jail for 2 months. while I was in there I noticed the water was scorching hot, the food sucked and was greasy and lacked vitamins, also people in there claimed the tea and juice made you break out so I steered clear of those. I purchases basis bar soap (Im suprised they had it on commisary) washed twice a day drank plenty of water exercised regulrly I also smoked before I went, obviously you cant smoke in county jail. But
  7. of course im worried about jail it sucks but I still have other stuff to worry about...like my face im not worried what I look like while im in there obviously i just dnt wanna look like shit when i get released
  8. I can tell because I always usually get a small pipmlie or two here and there
  9. thats funny superuke I worked in a supermarket and found that the brown industrial papertowels were great at taking the oil off...and the toilet seat covers work even better!lol! And I always used the safetypin off my nametag to pop the whiteheads lol. U can always improvise at work
  10. what I use is the Dans AHA+ it works great! it moisturizes and the aha combats dead skincells that can clog up pores. I shave at night I shower then shave then wash my face in the sink apply bp then aha of course you could probly switch the aha and bp around
  11. I have been 90% clear on the regimen since 2003! And have been satisfied for the most part but I am going to jail in August for 2 montths. In this time I will not be allowed to have any acne products in jail. How would I go about staying clear? I think Im allowed to order Dove soap but thats it...Im pretty much screwed huh?
  12. So i have been clear on the regimen for several years now with occasional small breakouts. I havnt used chapstick in years, but since a met a girl i figured why not make my lips undry and kissable right? So i used blistex with spf 15 and after 3 days of use i had 3 zits all around my lip (half on half off). I knew it had to be the chapstik so i looked at the ingriedients and theres alot of junk in there that could possibly make u break out like:beeswax, (candelilla) wax, seed butter, menthol, ju
  13. yeah your probly right it might not be worth it, however maybe i can try it in replace of the aha once or twice a week...id really like to see how bha affects my skin (hopefully good). I havnt used sal acid in 8 yrs and i used in a cleanser
  14. well i have combination skin like ill get oily on my upper cheeks nose forehead and chin(tzone) and the rest will get flaky...it sucks id rather just have oily or have dry not both
  15. I would be careful, even if u have been on the reg for a while this may be two much iritaion, but try it and see how your skin reacts, maybe patch test an area, if its to much for your skin try using in the am replacing your bp