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  1. Chandni

    Soften skin Give a glow Reduces redness Helps pimples heal faster Prevents wrinkles Could cause breakouts for some Greasy I've been using coconut oil for a few months now. I apply it at night after washing my face and misting it with Avene thermal water. I apply only a small amount. Let it soak in and then apply Benzoyl Peroxide on top. Perhaps it's because I use it with Benzoyl it hasn't caused me to break out. My skin is pretty much clear since using it, a white h
  2. I think it all has to do with hormones and how you react to them. Some people's skin gets worse in the first trimester and then gets better, for others it gets better and then worse (progesterone is promenent in the first trimester and estrogen in the 2nd and 3rd) and as you can see by the replies it can be different with each pregnancy and bad or good through the whole 9 months. I think though, if your skin tends to get worse after your period when estrogen is the promenent hormone, your skin
  3. I must say, I've been decreasing the products I use slowly, because I hope to get pregnant soon and can't use them then anyway. So I thought I'd take it slow, one product at a time so as to not upset my skin suddenly. I've been so surprised to find the less BP I use, the better my skin is. It's amazing. I've used BP for like ten years. Now I use a tiny bit two nights and just moisturize one night. I still use SA for a cleanser but eventually hope to stop that too, once I'm off of the BP.
  4. I won't go out of my house without make-up but my skin is so much better than it was now that I've finally found a regime that works for me. If you find the right make-up it won't make you break out, or at least only a little. I like revlon's New complexon which was discontinued so now I'm using Maybelline's new Mousse foundation. It's great. It actually seems to be making my skin better every time I use it. Now I only have a couple tiny clogged pores which I make worse by squeezing but can
  5. Have you looked into candida imbalance? I remember reading somewhere that those who have been on antibiotics a lot are prone to having an overgrowth of candida (yeast) in their bodies and this causes acne. Coconut oil is supposed to be good for killing it off and some people have claimed to have cleared their acne by treating the candida imbalance. There's a few posts about this on acne.org and lots on the net.
  6. Personally, I have found the majority of cleansers break me out. Even Dan's cleanser. So I stopped using cleansers and use plain yogurt or sour cream and a face sponge to wash my face. It's not drying and removes my make-up. My skin cleared up so much and it's so inexpensive. I'd rather spend the money on a good moisturizer and treatment lotion. Anyway, there are lots of natural methods of cleansing that are inexpensive and don't have a long list potential acne causing ingredients.
  7. if milk is bad for you how can raw milk be good? My grandmother hardly drank milk all her life and she took tons of calcium suppliments and she got ostioporosis.
  8. Isn't it dangerous to take more than 50 mg a day?! It can be toxic and causes a loss of copper.
  9. Isn't soy milk really high in estrogen? So then wouldn't that be the same hormone that's in regular milk which causes acne? I've just switched to soy milk which I love but I was thinking about that.
  10. I'd just like to clear up a misperception that people in 3rd world countries don't use cleansers or skin care products. I lived in a developing country for four years. Face washes of all sorts were readily and cheaply available. Everyone I knew used some sort of face wash and or scrub, even the men. The heat, dust and pollution made it necessary to wash your face frequently. If face wash wasn't used, soaps were definately used. Harsh soaps too. You'd even see street people lathering thems
  11. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian form of medicine still used to day. It is sometimes called "The Science of Life" (I believe this is what the word Ayurveda means). It is holistic and natural. I haven't tried out any of these treatments long term but I thought I'd post them for informations sake. If anyone tries some do share the results. Causes of Acne (Yauvan Pidika) Yauvan pidika is an internal constitutional disorder of the body. It is not an infectious or a contagious disease. Therefo
  12. Another option for those who are interested. I've used some of these products on and off. They're ayurvedic which is India's ancient form of medicine and they're all natural. Here's the link to the website http://www.kamaayurveda.com/home.htm I bought mine in India, you can't order from that site but it has links to places and sites you can get their products from in your area. The face cleanser contains turmeric and it doesn't stain the skin. It's more like a scrub so I don't use it every
  13. for me it really helps keep pimples from getting big. It reduces inflamation so the pimples don't get swolen. I haven't have a big pimple since I started taking them. Also they help with mood swings.
  14. by the way, you can buy powdered turmeric at almost any grocery store. It'll be with all the spices. But you won't get the large quantity for the cheaper price like you would at an asian grocery store. lol, asking the original poster if he is trying to sell turmeric (like someone did) is like asking him if he is trying to sell cinnamon.
  15. Best thing is to talk to your doctor. There are some acne treatments that are safe for pregnancy but they usually take a while to work and you don't have a lot of time. Using BP during pregnancy is controversial. Some doctors say yes, some say no though there are no known negative outcomes to date, no studies have been done. But it would be an option to look into (unless you tried it before you were pregnant and had no results). From what I've read AHA is safe to use while pregnant too. Al