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  1. I'm on month 4 now, started seeing improvements around month 3 but i'm still getting afew whiteheads usually one or two a day. Is this normal and do you think in the last 2 weeks i have left on the treatment will be enough to finish it off? thanks
  2. Thanks for replying, I hope it will stop soon I can feel the pressure in my ears its horrible but getting better i think. I had a really weird dream like you mensioned before last night, wondering if its because of accutane because i usually never dream at all, i woke up thinking what the hell? lol
  3. Hey i was just wondering, i started accutane on the 7th and i've been having ear popping also, did yours go away in the end? I'm getting quite worried here because it can get quite painful...
  4. Right hey guys i've been reading reviews on treatments for a long time but i have not made a post before so yeh Well i have my first appointment with a dermatologist tomorrow after trying many types of antibiotics and topicals i am finally at that stage where i am going to ask to go on roaccutane, i am aware of the risks and have been researching it for a long time. I was wondering afew things: How would i go about asking to get on roaccutane? If the derm agrees that i am a suitable candidat