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  1. Agreed, even the very expensive, clinic-based blue light therapy devices that are used in medical spas and doctor's offices often do not have FDA approval. This is a technology that has been investigated and proved effective over 20 years ago. The only thing I would caution you about is making sure that the blue light is actually within the correct wavelength spectrum to kill acne. The only proven band of light is 405-420nm and any light outside of this range would be useless. Further, light be
  2. When using the Caribbean Sunbox are you able to lay down, or is it a device that you must sit in front of? Do you feel any heat or tingling sensation when using it?
  3. Obviously I am biased when it comes to this question, so I won't comment on specific devices. However, I would highly recommend that you go with a desktop device and not a handheld. The treatment time needed to be effective is 20-30 minutes, and this is close to impossible for most people using a handheld device. Something that you can lay under or sit in front of makes it that much more likely you will get good use out of your purchase. That is why we designed the BlueMD to be highly flexible
  4. Do most of you that are using ANSR have acne only in certain spots that you are trying to treat? Most of our customers report that they are treating large areas of the face or body and would not be well suited to a low power, handheld device.
  5. The BlueMD is our competing device to Tanda and Acne Lamp, and is actually quite a bit cheaper ($199) than either of those options. Also, it treats a much larger area at one time, so you can lay underneath it and treat your entire face without having to move the device around. Treatments are 20-30 minutes to get a really effective session. So that means with something like acne lamp, you would have to use it 20-30 minutes on each area of the face you are treating, which could result in having t
  6. You can actually incorporate both light therapy and hydroquinone into your regime safely as long as you don't have any of the cream on during the actual light treatments. We used these two modalities simultaneously for many clients at my medspa. Most dermatologist offices and medical spa's will start their clients on Obagi, of which most of the products contain hydroquinone. They will also have them start either a blue light or Fotofacial package at the same time, and the results can be quite g
  7. I use the homeopathic pills from Nature's Cure, they are amazing. I have been using them on and off since my late teens. Every time I stop using them for a few weeks, the acne on my back starts to come back. It is so cheap, around $30 a month and instead of having 2 a day, I only have one so really I am getting almost 2 months worth for my money. The only thing that sucks is you can only buy them online now, used to be able to get them at Tom thumb.
  8. We sell a competing device to the Clear U, except it is a tabletop device. Since usage times need to be 20-30 minutes to get a really effective treatment, many people find handheld devices difficult to use. The BlueMD has the majority of its light in the 405-420nm range and has a very high intensity light output. We have had the device independently tested and the results are posted on our website (trophyskin.com). If anyone is interested, email me for a $25 off coupon. Of course, we also have
  9. What exactly were you trying to treat with the IPL? Was it old scars from acne, such as the red marks that you mentioned? We noticed that people who are prone to acne usually do break out after an IPL session, so it often makes the problem worse instead of better since they get some new scarring and/or marks. Did you notice improvement from the first 2 IPL treatments? If so, IPL may work for you but will need to be done at the lower settings.
  10. I just want to weigh in here with my experience with the Pixel, I owned a medical spa for the past 2 years and have much experience selling and administering this treatment. The Pixel is highly effective when used correctly, and being a relatively new treatment, there are many derms, clinics, med spa's out there that are using it below maximum effectiveness. The real key is matching the energy level and "stacking" to the skin type and texture issues of the patient. Most people will be treated