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  1. Sparty~ I just read the thread on mineral makeup and I thought that was a good/cheaper brush to get. Like I said I am a total newbie to this mineral makeup. I just like the idea of less clogging/more natural makeup and am hoping to enjoy it also. Thanks for the suggestion on the brushes, I will check out that site. Brooklyn
  2. OKay so a few of you ladies have inspired me to try this mineral makeup. I ordered samples from Alphaskin care and also Cory Cosmetics. I still need to find the best brushes and I went to crown brushes under pro series but didn't see a Kabuki or flat top Talkon. Am I blind? Now I did find several types of Talkon brushes but I was looking for one that says FLAT TOP, so maybe I overlooked it. Help please? I am also soooo scared to put it on! It sounds difficult and time consuming. Am I wron
  3. Thanks! Does aloe not clog your pores? LOL!!! I have done the tweezer thing too, glad I am not the only one! Brooklyn
  4. I am at three weeks in the regimen and around 2 or 3 my face becomes very dry again. Can I just put more moisturizer on or should I do a water rinse then moisturize? Also these flakes drive me nuts!!! I find my self scraping it off with my nails or rubbing them off with a towel. I know very bad! What else can I do? Am I just stuck with them? Thanks, Brooklyn
  5. Thanks Adam~ The vinegar makes me smell like I have been dying easter eggs!! That part sucks. It had a little bit of a burn to it when I first put it on but didn't seem to make my face any more or less dry. What did it do that you didn't like about it? Oh I guess my face looked a tad redder(overall) than normal but it is gone now. Brooklyn
  6. I just bought some last night. I mixed a cap full of vinegar and a cap full of water. I washed my face with my Basis Bar waited five mintutes applied vinegar/water mixture with a cotton ball, gently rubbing in circular motions aon all the red marks. Waited until it was dry and then put on the BP I skipped the moisturizer. Is this right? Should I only do this in the PM or is it more effective if done in AM and PM? When did you see results? Nothing this morning for me..... Am I suppose to mo
  7. I know there can be bad things in your digestive system. But for a healthy person, cleaning "out" by pumping water in is stupid and unneeded. Ever wonder why no credible doctor (MD, not "holistic practioner") will ever tell you "You have the flu? Go get a colonic." Acne simply is not caused by "internal toxins" -- it's just your oil grands going overbored because of hormones or other causes; not because your stomach/liver/intestines have somehow become amazingly "clogged" without you knowing it
  8. Ben should consider himself now, ignored! I was reading the liver thread when I thought I would share this website with everyone. I later came across a thread about doing colonic cleansing and I think that that just sounds so uncomfy and unnatural.....(I know they say its natural) I just thought that the site might help those that think the same as me and are uncomfortable with the whole tube thing. I know I am. Well good luck to everyone and if you happen to read the website let me know
  9. Not as clean as you think..... Even people who have gotten pics of their colon from the doc and came up clean has had success with this. Thanks for being a smart *edit*.
  10. Try drinking 8oz glass of water before every meal, spreading them out some and eat 5-6 meals a day like everyone else said. Still hungry add another veggie. Hard boiled eggs are packed protein and are an easy snack. Eat a few nuts. Pisachios(sp?) are good and are low cal! How long have you been dieting? Often times your body will need a few weeks to get used to the smaller portions and then you should start to feel full again. Do you count calories? Are you eating enough cals? You shou