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  1. I was very very red for the first week or so of using BP. then I was moderately red, with severe drying/leathery skin. I had to stop when my skin began oozing strange liquids despite BP's drying effects. If you are going down this road, I'd stay u are allergic as I am.
  2. I don't know. It sounds way too good to be true, but everyone who has used it seems to think it's legit. I'm gonna buy 2 bottles now, because the BP has ravaged my supersensitive face.
  3. I have very sensitive skin and moderate acne. I experienced extreme redness and moderate drying the first week. I'm in the second week, and experiencing moderate redness a lot of drying. I'm kind of hoping that in another couple of weeks, I will no longer experience anything too annoying. But if you are to try the regimen, you have to be patient, and be willing to suffer some temporary (i hope!) discomfort and embarassment.
  4. you're suppose to let it dry on your skin, but if you have very sensitive skin (you will know because your face will be red and flaking within 2 days), then you should start by leaving it on 10-15 minutes at a time and watching it off. I know this, from personal experience heh. I'm on week 2, and I can only leave it on for 30 min at a time or else I turn seriously red and itchy. I'm slow leaving it on for longer and longer.
  5. i envy that yours just "tingles" lol. I'm surethat's very normal. My face is on fire, and I think that's normal =/.
  6. I'm using Dan's BP lotion. It's just that the stinging last for too long, and the redness is intensified if I leave it on, so I'm thinking about using it as a quick wash, instead of a lotion I leave on. You're SUPPOSED to leave the BP on aren't you?
  7. Can my skin get used to BP if I apply for 15 min a day? Then once I stop turning red, I'll ramp up the frequency and amount used. But is it possible my skin can get accustomed to BP (i'll worry about the acne later, I don't want to look like a cherry anymore =/) with a little bit a day.
  8. Ender420


    i was allergic to bp. what trash
  9. My face is sensitive to BP, and I'm entering the second week. I am very, very red and it's awkward at work. On the bright side, my skin is clearing up and healing faster. I've read that some people stay red for months, and sometimes the face is permanently a shade different from the neck. Has anyone been very, very red into their second week and come out with their normal color while still on the regimen? At this point, it seems like a WONDER that my body can somehow "adjust" to BP pummeling my
  10. it really burns, i'm still in the first week. I also turn really red, because I might be going a little heavy on the BP. If this is your first experience with BP, be prepared to suffer for a few weeks, like I am. You should start with a pea sized amount, and only once a day. I have sensitive skin, but high tolerance to pain. I thought I'd "man up" and started twice a day with a full pump. My skin is currently paying dearly. I really really hope this is worth it heh, although many people claim it
  11. haha i''ve been on the regimen for a week now, same problem! I'm happy i'm not currently alone in this! So from what I've researched we should just... Put the moisturizer on and LET IT BURN BABY. WOO. In our cases, Dan's regimen will probably have us burning unless we start slow. I know I started with close to a full pump twice a day, and I was LIT like a tomato last couple of days (at work too. I'm a teacher... hugely embarassing). I'm down to a pea size a day until my body can acclimate to