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  1. haha. np i realised after i made it though someone else had made a similar one..but yeah accutane is very effective. Benzoyl peroxide was working for me..but my red marks were never going away. I decided to quit benzoyl peroxide for a month, and spend all my energy on getting rid of my red marks with a high quality microdermabrasion cream..BAD IDEA.. my skin become soooo oily and i got huge nodules and cysts and broke out so bad. Now I seem to get a new pustule every day I am back on benzoyl pe
  2. Ok. so There have been a lot for me. Having Milld/moderate acne on my cheeks have really made me insane. I can admit that. Some things that come to mind is because of Acne, I barley have said a word to my family in Months (just always unhappy and brooding). I'm always depressed. A few days Ago I slapped myself on the face like 10 times really hard (just releasing all my resentment/anger for this disease), I skipped university for a month back in December. I pretty much havn't left my room in 5 m
  3. This is going to put a huge dent in Benzoyl Peroxide's use of Acne. I hope anyway, because I really dislike that stuff. It's harsh, and it's not a decent method of helping your skin in my opinion *looks at the huge jars of benzoyl peroxide he ordered sitting on his shelf* damn.. anyone want these? lol.. wasted my money.. well that's ok. I also wasted £120 on a thermaclear acne removing device (similar to Zeno) and guess what... waste of money. I hope this drug actually does that it claims to an
  4. OK so I i'm not a skin expert. However its evident that although there are some great products out there that really help acne, the bottom line is that it wont help anybody. It seems very evident to me that despite what sort of cleanser/mosituriser you use if your body wants to do the whole pore blocking thing and disfigure your face with zits and leave behind red marks for months, then it will do it regardless (seems to have a mind of its own) Well.. I think treatments should be looked at in
  5. To the person who posted above me. May I just say that what you said shocked me. Due to the fact that everything you said I CAN RELATE TO!!! See, when I have acne, I hide away. I skip uni., at family gathertings I dont talk. I dont want to be noticed, I dont want to be heard. When I dont have acne, I am a little better. For the summer for instance. I spent it in Canada with my family there for 3 months. I am a very strange person socially. Sometimes I love to be around others. I hate being alone
  6. I didn't realse how similar a lot of other people felt. I think with this said, The medical community should treat acne as a far more serious problem, or maybe they do? I don't know. It's not life threatning sure, but its QUALITY OF LIFE threatning. Which is actually a very big deal when you think about it. I used my therma clear the other day. Paid good money for it too about £130 british pounds. I had a tiny little spot forming under my left eye. Thats where I hate getting pimples most, unde
  7. great advice from everyone. but to forget about it completely and to just 100% accept it is the smart thing to do, however, I would be living a lie if I just pretneded it didnt bother me because it does and that wont change. I have been constructive about it all though. I did sooo much research (if i did half the research i did on acne on my uni. work id be doing very well right now) and I have gained much more insight to ways to help it. As for growing weed, lol... I'm not totally against it bu
  8. thanks for the support. I've started taking lots of Vitamin A and Zinc. I've always drank green tea and water so I cant agree with the statement that water and green tea give you great skin. The truth is All I want to know is what causes acne. There just too many condraticing reports out there. I started breaking out like crazy when I began to work out. So I quit taking protein shakes and working out but it continued and went from a few spots on my chin or whatever, to all under my eyes, over my
  9. The effects of bad acne are far worse than just physical appearence. I havn't been to university in 3 weeks. I am failing it. I've always suffered from low self esteem. As a result I don't have many friends, no girlfriend. I've been told countless times that I am "cute" what I dont particulary care about looks. I had bad acne as a teenager. I guess I took it for granted when my skin became perfect due to many anti-biotics (accutane included) and constant use of Differin and Duac. My acne came ba
  10. I can relate 100%. I already suffered from low self esteem before acne. It seems like my acne is trying to make my life harder than it is. Tbh. I usually get depressed about anything "ohhh I'm half iranian, I look different from other people" I was depressed about that for years and insecure, cause I had a few idiots make fun of me for it. When I had clear skin a few months ago (after so much suffering when I was 16 with severe acne) I was starting to love my skin complexion, it is very unique.
  11. I am a vegetarian because I don't follow everyone else. I don't see a big juicy burger on TV (burger king advertisments for instance) and think yummmm.I see dead animal flesh. An animal that was brutally murdered, just because our primative, heartless species can easily bury things and not care. We all know how much animals suffer, yet do we care? No. because eating meat is considered very acceptable and we just turn a blind eye to the slaughterhouse. After all, you don't hear the squeeling pigs
  12. OH yeah, If you are unsure about Accutane, get yourself a Thermaclear and tea tree oil. I will do a review on how effective I feel thermaclear is once I use it a little more.
  13. I don't believe it causes depression. Acne causes depression if you ask me, reduced self esteem and paranoia (that people are looking at your skin). Accutane will give you real results but be warned, it isnt forever. But you don't need to worry about that for a few years. It helps your skin out for a long time. I just went for it cause I was so miserable because of my acne and I don't regret it. I don't want to scare you but I only seen 2 side effects. One was dry lips all the time (and skin) an
  14. Hello. I'm new here. I have a question. My mum and step dad are always encouraging me to help with the family business. My step dad does chimney sweeping and he needs my help. I have went out a few times but I hate the thought of my face being covered in soot all day. We usually do 5 jobs a day and it takes around 6 hours. I get paid good money for helping but I'm very very sensitive about my skin. I usually am sort of grumpy if I can't cleanse in the morning, and of course, Seing as how I am go