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  1. ok, #1 forsaken look what acne did to you, it made you some philosophical nerd : why dont you go out and try to find some pussy rather than try to find some dumb response. #2 vince, i know acne sux and you want to live a social life, so why dont you go out with a girl that has equal or worse acne. You have pretty low self esteem, so you'll feel more comfortable with a girl that is just like you. it'll keep you occupied.
  2. i thought the saliclic(spelled wrong) acid would help, but afterward my skin looked shiny and felt oily, the best toner i have used so far is elizabeth arden's oily skin toner and will continue to do so....
  3. if you dont wash your hair that much will oil and dirt build up and cause more oil production - also will over washing your hair irritate the skin - so basically does your hair washing have anything to do with acne
  4. is it true these products will actually bring the "stuff" to the surface at make you look 10 times worse for a while, if it's trye how long and how bad?
  5. hi, i have oily skin with an occasional pimple here and there and would like to know whcih facial scrub is best for oilier skin. My skin is not really sensitive so i would be able to use someting a bit strong. So far I've been using nivea facial scrub and want to know is there somehting better for oilier skin? thanks,