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  1. Last input in this thread. I talked to my derm and all I could hear was how difficult it is to obtain accutane and how bad it is rather then talk about my current problems. It seems to be easier to obtain Plutonium then accutane for me. I will just continue this course until 3 month has passed since my prescription on Ery-Max will only last me that much. The derm will book a new appointment which I will know later when it will be, I heard on the phone something like "December" but when I was vi
  2. If nothing else works, there is only accutane left. Mild or severe, go for it. I am probably getting it for mild as well later this year.
  3. 1 Month 2 Weeks Not much to report, tried the Epiduo again as a spot treatment without success. I think I am safe to say that I am back to square 1 again, call from my derm at Wednesday. What a pointless and hopeless disease...
  4. 1 Month Well, 1/3 of the treatment is done but I am still breaking out. It's better then when I started it. Some of those big nasty pustule have done comebacks which is a downer. As I said I also stopped Cetaphil now for a while but since I am still breaking out and such I guess that is not the case for my recent breakouts. I am now using the Olay SPF moisturizer which is ok, it feels nice to have some sun protection now. I will talk to my derm in about ~15-20 days on the phone and I will see t
  5. I use Gillette Series Shave Gel Pure & Sensitive instead of the jojoba oil now, it gave me an even better and closer shave. I recommend it!
  6. (offtopic) so... Aczone is still helping? you did not bother to answerer my PM. Depends on your money range, Ole Henriksen has some really good all natural stuff but expensive.
  7. You will need to be more specific on your background, what you tried in the past etc. I would set up an appointment with a derm, get a local treatment and some antibiotics. That is usually the standard procedure. But there are other things that you can do like washing your face twice a day, eat healthy, change bed sheets often and so on. There are lots of info already written on the forum, just take a look around.
  8. same for me... sometime its red and sometime is kinda normal with the rest of the skin... I am also clueless
  9. Day 19 Wanted to add for my own personal note, I broke out with a tiny pustule below my nose that disappeared really quick. I also got two small pustule on my chin that also disappeared quick. There was a third pustule on my chin that is still active but not that big... not the size of my usual pustules. And one more came back below my nose, slight different place then the first that is still active. Not sure if its connected to the use of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser since they came rather qu
  10. Day 16 Cool, my skin is pretty much back to normal now. I think this antibiotic is working for me, I got no active pustule in my face atm, just the red after some previous pustules. My diet is also really much better, no sugar at all and healthy good rich food. Before I could easy get a soda from time to time and so but not now, not sure if that has helped some too. I can't get hold of my derm until June 10th though so me and you guys have to wait for that response. Now I only hope that if it i
  11. I was having this problem too, I was looking around but it seems my only option was drugstore.com but do you mind PM or write down the site of the australian site?
  12. Detta kan du göra enkelt själv genom att tex söka på "skin irritating ingredient" etc på Google, finns ett dussintal sidor. Sen är de bara börja scanna.