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  1. Hi I think you are probably on the right track with things....have you just started recently?? And if you use cps...the skin renewal process has stages...sometimes scars appear worse for a short time..it means thigs are working.. ALSO remember that when the microswelling fades you will notice scars more. Rolling takes time...it is something you have to commit to for months and months to see any changes. Goodnews is, AFTER months, the changes are noticable. I found the best waywas to just do
  2. I cant say for sure whos right....BUT, if YOU see a scar, then theres a scar, and no one can tell you differently!! Id get some blue light treatments for a clear zit free glowing skin for the wedding!! Adella
  3. @benni Yes, I treated pigmentation with a series of greenpeels. They take off layers of skin at a time requires a bit of downtime too. Thing is....I had laser done in 2001. I fixed ALL pigmentation by 2002, ended up with very clear white skin..BUT when you have laser, it seems to leave you vunerable to patchy type red blotchy tanning.........FOREVER. Oneday 2008 I layed in the sun with no sunscreen..Opps...I was a patchy mess afterwards. Although its faded away over time, I panic if I forget
  4. IMO this lotus place, has the right idea. My derm encouraged me to roll daily and even though profesional treatments are spaced apart, its not really neccasary. Plus, I am NOT risking a red raw skin after a severe roll, thats prone to infection. Keep researching, and at the end of the day- ou will reach your own conclusions. Adella
  5. Goodluck! Sometimes- its worth an initial break out to get used to a product...my skin reacts to pretty much everything at first. I think zit- I get zit. I hope it works, let us know! (if it does I might keep some handy, summer here and ANY sun causes discoloration on my laser burned areas.) Adella
  6. @kevin The rolling breaks up the scar tissue-allowing product to work more effectivley, and needling is also called CIT, short for collagen induction therapy... HERE...READ THIS. Needling Needling, also called subcision, dermarolling, or percutaneous collagen induction therapy, began in 1997. It is a process where the scarred area is continuously needled to promote collagen formation. In 2008 a retrospective analysis of 480 persons concluded that it was effective; the patients applied vitami
  7. So are you are saying your opinion is ALL rollers are bad or just the environ brand? do you know what CIT stands for??????????
  8. Hi I am getting alot of messages asking what is my routine, and asking how I have had success. This worked for me...I cant guarentee it will work for others. My way conflicts with the way others do needling. But it works, and that all that matters. Its no secret. What has worked has been a kind of journey to find the best mix-(for MY skin) and my lifestyle. I use Copper peptides. (you must start with a weak solution and move to the strongest in time. I use the strongest and can 'feel' it work
  9. Becareful with getting Laser to treat a superficial scar... I did that and got burn scars... Have you considered seeing a dermatologist? It would be good to know what type of scarring it is, and what a Dr says.. Adella
  10. isnt it strange how skin reacts differently?? My skin will (breakout) just from saying the word aloud, yet I use CP on my face 2x a day... At the start when I began using it I broke out once....I recall applying CP to the breakout.... VERY important to start with mild strength first. Personally I wouldnt give up...not after 1 day. And read up on CP...go to skin bio forum..ask DR. Picart about the problem. As for causing scars...CPs should stop scar formation...I cant believe this, I put CP
  11. Look into CPs. If I ever have any laser procedure done again- I will use it during healing phase, although id be choosing a mild cp formula because the skin is so raw right now. Goodluck
  12. @tk wow, thats a real shame. the clearlight worked really well for me, although I did have more and longer sessions....I have seen a few others who had success too... I 'tested' a machine, and was allowed to decide how many times a week id use it. Id allow it to time out twice. so an hour of light therapy... each 2 days for 4 weeks( I know not everyone can access this) And it was BRAND NEW with a brand new bulb(they loose strength). Another time, years later I had it again, and went ba
  13. Wow- I like all things like this!! Anything new is always worth trying and this has merit... the mouth IS the fastest place to heal, and my dog is licking her sore paw right now... I hope it works, seems based on the right principles... However, you lost me with cheek scrapings?? whats that exactly..? from inside your mouth? applied to the face? And if this works on new scars, it would be great for post treatment, when the skin is left damaged...like after laser..or punch grafts??? Thoughts
  14. @chinacat I roll often(weekly) but lightly. Never aggressive. Never used a numbing cream either.