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  1. Hi tgere the darkest largest scar you can see in this picture is following a cyst that I had a cortisone shot into 5 weeks ago. It is still very dark red. The other scars are about 10 years old. I'm amazed that this scar would look indented so quickly. Do you think it will flatten out?
  2. Thank you, I know you're right. I really overthink my scars. Get so down about them
  3. Do you think the scars look worse now?
  4. Hi everyone Here are photos of my scars 5 years ago and today. I have a bit of powder on in today's photo. The newest scar is the dark red one. I'm trying to find out if there might have been an ice pick there before, because it seems to have scared very quickly for a 3 week old scar. Can you help?
  5. For 3 months I've had a tiny hard lump under the skin on my cheek. It just sat there without doing anything. This morning I woke up to find it had grown to approx 1 cm in diameter and is red and sore. There isn't a head. Is this a blind pimple? Or maybe a cyst? Why did it lie dormant for so long and then flare up like this to ruin my week and probably scar me for life?? (All my pimlples leave indents) I'm 40 and female and now struggling to cope
  6. Here are my scars today, age 40 female. Have had fraxel 5 times, co2, ipl, you name it in the past. Have had approx 5 large pimples on the past 5 years which have given new scars. Apart from those the scarring is approx 10 years old. I have light make up on in these photos. What do you think? Shall I have some more work done?
  7. I bled so I'm pretty sure it reached the dermis
  8. Really worried about it now, I have read that cuts on the face do scar. Just can't believe my luck. I'm so paranoid about my skin and now this
  9. Hi there I have just about come to terms with my rolling scars on my cheeks and now my cat has bitten/scratched me, I'm not sure as it happened so quickly. Do you think this will scar? It was like a circular flap of skin last night and has now scabbed over. Please tell me it won't! I've put Aloe vera, alcohol and benzoyl peroxide on it in hope Thank you Ingrid
  10. I squeezed a big blackhead on my cheek that let out some hard puss and then swelled up a bit. It then have out a bit more puss a few days later. It healed really quickly, but 3 weeks later I can see a dark red ice pick. Almost like the pore is still open. It really looks like the other ice picks I've had for years. Can ice picks form within 3 weeks? Thank you
  11. Hi everyone 2 weeks ago the red mark was 2 blackheads next to each other that came to s head after being in a jacuzzi. They both popped out easily, but one of them has left this pink, slightly puffy mark with a red hole in the centre where the clogged pore was. Will this leave an ice pick? Can't work out how to put photo up with my iphone Thank you
  12. I have been clear for 2 years through using benzoyl peroxide. I have just joined a swimming pool which has very warm water in the outdoor pool. I've now developed bumps under the skin and I think it is the heated water drawing the rubbish to the surface of my skin. Do you agree? And how do I prevent this without stopping swimming?
  13. I've been using 5% BP for 3 years and put it all over my face avoiding the eye area. However, under my eyes is always red and puffy and I have a very pronounced tear trough (the line that goes from inside corner if eye across the cheek towards the ear). Is this because of BP?