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  1. Hi, I've been using PC 1% for 1 month now. At first I started every other day then every day. Now I used it 2 times a day. However I'm still getting pimples. 3 new ones on my chin. Also I still have a lot of red marks from previous pimples. I recently ordered the PC 2% to see if it will speed things up I wanted to ask for those who used BHA, how long before all the pimples cleared up and the red marks gone? Thanks!
  2. Hi has anyone used Paula's choice lightening products for red marks? I have a lot of them currently and quite a few whiteheads. Which one is better the one with AHA or the one with BHA?
  3. hi i am currently using dermalogica cleanser, microfoliant and the spray toner. i actually also have the active moist but have not started using it. i am still using up my current moisturizer before I use the active moist. from my perspective, the dermalogica line is just ok. I don't think I experienced any improvements in my skin. However it didn't cause me to break out. But I don't think I'll stick to dermalogica since its expensive and it doesn't really deliver great results
  4. I am about to begin BHA 1%. I was wondering how long the purging lasts for those who used BHA?
  5. I am about to begin BHA 1%. I was wondering how long the purging lasts for those who used BHA?
  6. hi how long does the purging usually last? is it really bad? i just ordered PC BHA 1% and now I'm afraid to use it because the holidays are coming up and I don't want to look like a monster
  7. I want to buy Paula's Choice BHA because I have a lot of chin pimples now. I was wondering which 1% BHA is better, the gel or lotion? Should I apply it to my whole face or just my chin? Thanks!
  8. Hi! after you use the BHA product, you still use moisturizer after? Is that ok? I have not used BHA product before, however I have a lot of chin pimples, do you recommend the 1% or 2% BHA? Thanks!