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  1. Hey guys Ive been on Plaquenil for about 3 months and my flushing has gone down alot (still there but gone done) but it has not really made my face less red and im wondering if its because its summer and its hot and im getting more sensitive or what... I also ordered this blue led light theraPy system that i have been using on my face for a month and lamar I am wondering if the Plaquenil can make u sensitive to the blue light theraPy and if the led lights are not good to use when on Plaquenil
  2. I actually tried to get it today from the pharmacy and I got a perscription but the pharmacy said they dont have it in there system yet.. so don't really know whats going on there..
  3. Great news,finally,I was tired of ordering it from Australia taking 3 weeks to come..
  4. oil girl are you still flush/redness free with laquenil.. and are you at 400mg still
  5. No,I was asking if plaquenil makes you sun sensitive..i heard from some forums it does and some it does not..
  6. Myleastfavorite I have been on it almost for a month too,has not kicked in for flushing/redness yet but honestly its only been a about a month and these drugs are weird and kick in randomly I remember Mepacrine at the month mark was not kicking in and I was really bummed and sad but then like a week later it just randomly kicked in very significantly and no I have not had the dry eyes/mouth if anything my eyes have been better (they always got very dry) so far no eye changes that I have not
  7. seattle r u still on plaquenil..how did it work for you never head updates and I was on doxy for 3 months and it did not do anything positive for redness/flushing for me
  8. thanks oli girl,you have been a big help through it all with the inbox messages about the Rheum
  9. Hey guys have not been around in a while but want to update I had my first Rheumatologist visit today and honestly it was the best thing i have done since having these problems,I went it with a open mind and she was totally different then a dermatologist She spent 30-45 mins with me and all my blood work that was sent to her was normal but she asked me a bunch of questions told her my symptoms with flushing and stiff hand joints She honestly was the best doctor I have ever been too,she has be
  10. interesting on the biotin success strange how you noticed success after a day though..thats never happened to me with any product but i did get severe seb derm after accutane so i was really interested in your story i heard biotin can cause acne though? you take 10mg a day so 5000 mcg pill twice a day=10 mg you only have 2 posts too and thats in this topic and you joined in september...
  11. So I had another family doctor appointment today the guy is seriously a joke..and im not saying that just because he didn't give me plaquenil its just that if I was a doctor and someone like me has been going in for over a year complaining about fevers,fatigue,hand joint pain and and butterfly rash's/malar rash I would be very interested in helping a young guy like myself but as he said today hes almost at the end of his carrer and does not want to give anything aka help I asked for a Rhuem a
  12. lamar my doctor also said plaquenil can give you a better chance of getting stuff like cancer because of so and so kinda forgot exactly what he said but does that have any meaning? and what are your thoughts on that diarrhea drug lol? good to have u back
  13. umm are you making a joke? that drug is for severe diarrhea? and seattle that is most likely smart to stop until you get better EDIT:tommy I looked on the forums and seems very interesting as it is a bit embarrising to say but I have bowel problems but just always thought it was normal could you find out a good dosage to be on and for how long? and do you only take it for a certain amount of time? and everyone I got my lab results back ANA- negative.. lipemia-Slight rheumatoid factor-
  14. As bad as it sounds I really want something to show up on the test because I believe something is wrong inside my inflammation is so high in my body I feel and not even that,I pretty much have every symptom of systematic lupus and the only time I had relieve was on mepacrine seb derm treatments don't work rosacea treatments don't work doxycycline don't work First time on a lupus treatment and Im on my way,yet its so unfortunate that the yellow skin got to me but apart from that,it just sho