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  1. So I've been perscibed .025% of tretinoin and am starting off slowly with every third day. But I'm wondering about moisterizing. Because the directions I've been given say to wait 20 mins after washing to apply. So would applying a moisturizer after the medication be alright? If so, what kind does everyone recommend?
  2. And I still remember the days when I was envious of those people. Now it's those who have smooth skin with no red marks and scars... But I'm not complaining! Smoothness is a great step forward.
  3. yeah during the last few months the only zits i've been having is really just stuff that never came up earlier. It isn't puss like, it's dried. Which is kind of odd. I have no whiteheads at the moment that are active, they're fading as the days go on and don't really bother me because they are so small and almost unnoticeable. The redness and dark spots from scarring, isn't pretty... I'll admit it right now. After being in the cold or excercising (which is in a cold rink) the marks are much
  4. Well my skin I am very happy with! I found a painful zit on my shoulder last night, but I can live with that. It was mild comparatively. I'm just plain excited to be able to put on a light layer of makeup and my skin looks clear for the most part. The red blotches are kind of hard to cover, the make up just tones it down a bit. And my skin is oh so smooth!!! yay!!
  5. So as approaching the end of ur course are u still getting cysts or u are now cyst free? Can you describe your state of before and after the point when u started to see improvements pls? Cysts? no, no cysts. I may have gotten some a month ago, but none anymore. My skin is smooth to the touch. When I started my derm said I had severe acne. My skin hurt to touch. Around the second month I hadn't seen much improvement at all. I still broke out, not as bad as usual. Cysts still popped up occa
  6. it takes 3 to 4 months to really notice improvement. My red marks from scars are still around and I'm almost done with my 5 month course. Even at 3 months I was wondering if I'd ever stop getting cysts. Don't worry!! It's all worth it in the end! You'll have clear skin in a few months, I know it sounds like forever, but go one day at a time, you'll get there!
  7. Depends what kind. Some acne cleansers can strip the skin and cause excessive drying. And also if they cleanser is made with soap, that also can lead to drying. But using a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil (which doesn't use soap) won't dry out your skin.
  8. putting vaseline in your nose can be dangerous though and lead to respiratory problems if it is inhaled accidently. You might not even realize it.
  9. no idea if they do a drug test with your blood during monthly check ups. But i would strongly advise against it due to possible serious side effects and complications.
  10. I wash my face in the morning after waking up, and at night before bed. Cetaphil face cleanser (maybe the skin cleanser) It's gentle and cleans. Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating Lotion. Although it's kind of oily feeling at first, it definitly hydrates and keeps my face flake free for the whole day. Washing with only water dries your skin out more than it should be while on accutane. I would definitly advise using a cleanser and lotion together.
  11. I found Carmex sticks worked the absolute best for me. They kept my lips moist the longest and actually healed them. In the morning when I woke up, compared to all the other lip ointments I used, my lips felt decent, dry but decent.
  12. Now finishing up my course in a few days, I look back and would have liked to have these few tips. 1) Carry chap stick (the best one for me was carmex stick, it healed the cracks that bled in the corner of my lips) with you EVERY WHERE. Do not go anywhere without it. The dryness in your lips will drive you insane. 2) Carry non scented lotions with healing properties and use it even when your hands seem smooth and hydrated. They're just fooling you and will crack and bleed soon. 3) Drink loads
  13. YAY!!!!! Great news! I only have 9 more days left of being on this drug!! I'm freakishly excited!!!! I went in for my doctors appt yesterday morning, and she said i'd only have to finish up the last of the pills i had at home and then i could stop! Yay!!! I still have one or 2 bumps on my face that haven't gone away yet... oh well. i'll survive. the drug is suppose to keep working even after I finish so who knows what will happen. I'll hope for the best. So according to them I'm finishing up
  14. So I'm on month 5 now. My derm wants to keep me on for another month after this one. Which I'm not too crazy about but wouldn't complain horribly. Seeing as I'm still breaking out in places... like the middle of my forhead. I've had mild headaches towards the end of the day recently. I'm wondering if it's just from fatigue and minor stress. Who knows. My hands are finally semi decent as far as smoothness goes!! Yay intense moisturizing!
  15. I've actually heard to take accutane with (1-2%) milk or peanut butter because they have fats in them and accutane is more easily absorbed into the blood stream with the fats present.