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  1. Hey, I do this and i really like it, it keeps my face moisturized even more. Before when I use to do: cleanser, bp, aha my face would get flaky and dry in the morning. Now I do cleanser, bp I put a few drops of jojoba oil on my face...let my skin soak it up a little and then put the aha+ on. Works great!
  2. oh...........i always thought it was just the way it was? I dont put it on my fingers though but on my palm and dab it all over my face.
  3. Hey, I also started using this product too. It helped alot with my flakiness and dryness. I also use it as lip balm and it keeps my lips really soft and does the job really well. To be honest im not too sure about redness because I use jojoba oil and AHA so im not sure which one is doing it.
  4. I think you should just stick to dan's regimen until your face is fully clear. I used to use Differin and it made my face really really dry. Plus i dont think it worked for me at all. and to answer your questions. 1) You mentioned that your face was flakiness and stuff, so i think you should since it helps with flakiness. 2) Im at 2 pumps and my face absorbs the bp really fast now. 3) It got better after a month for me but everyone is different i guess.
  5. When I put BP on, my skin isnt dry or oily at all. I don't even put moisturizer until later. Sorry it didnt work for you, but I am almost clear and this has worked wonders for me.
  6. So I live in Canada and it's winter time here. Usually I can go on without wearing a hat 70% of the time but there are those REALLY COLD days where we have blizzards and I need to put something on my head. I want to get ear muffs but to be honest I'd rather wear a hat because ear muffs only cover your ears. I'm just worried that the hat might break me out.... the regimen is clearing me really well and i'v been on it for 2 months. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. hey, I think you should switch as well, why dont your try purpose? A lot of people on here put jojoba oil after they wash their face and THEN the bp. I think that might help also.
  8. yeah happened to me. after awhile the bp doesnt sting, its less dry and the moisturizer doesnt burn. even when i put on aha, dan says its suppose to sting but i dont feel a thing.
  9. i hate these people so bad. i see them in malls and they try to damn hard to sell shit to you ALL the time. These products don't even work. I tried them and they gave me a huge breakout.
  10. Hi guys, So i have been on the regimen for two months. I have had my fair share of flaky skin and crazy break outs when I first started this regimen. I am two months in, I have a lot of red marks left that don't bother me that much....but..recently...I had a big breakout around my chin area...nothing different happened I still do the same thing as before.. sorry...I just dont know if break outs are still suppose to be happening. When does the break out stop for everyone else? What I do in the
  11. hey im in the same position as you. i think for me it's still working. I introduced aha into my regimen a month after starting and i don't feel anything at all but it seems to be helping with my acne. I only use it once a day.
  12. yeah your skin get used to it but youre gonna have to put up with the dryness for a bit :(. Why dont you start slow, like putting a little bit in the morning and then increase it gradually.
  13. i have the same problem. i only put it on once a day...and its before i go to bed. what i do is i just wash it with water and then pat with a towel once and then wait until it is fully dry and put on bp.
  14. That whole first month on the reg for me was hell. My skin was peeling so bad....i looked like a lobster. Ill post a picture here sometime so you can see me now after almosy two months on the regimen. What a difference!
  15. the regimen improves your skin by removing the acne and preventing it from coming back. my face hasnt looked and felt this great in a long time. As for red marks, they are gonna start showing more often as your pimples disappear..i think this requires more patience. im starting to see it as all my pimples are going away and now i using aha every night....im hoping it helps.