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  1. Oh i thought i was talking to the guy in the picture. Clearly my advice was not for women... She did not really need to reply to my post. And she is still either a hypocrite or an idiot. I will let her diside.
  2. My post was aimed at MostExtreme. its true that most virgins aren't having sex because they don't have the confidence maybe thats not your problem but hey i wasn't talking to you anyway. Which is true. I'm giving them advice about how to get laid... I thought that was obvious you must be thick or something. Some do and guess what SOME DO NOT. Get over yourself *MOD EDITED* don't look down on me because your no better than me, If anything your worse because i don
  3. No every two days maybe you should try and eletric razor that way you can go over each morning quick and easy.
  4. Use a lot of hot water and always shave down or with the hair rather than against. Then rinse your face with cold water air dry and then moisturize to stop skin drying out. Hair will grow back quicker but you wont get spots i had the same problem and this solved it.
  5. not sure but you should always finish with cold water when i come out the shower i splash my face with cold. The idea is to touch as little as possible so try getting your face wet without touching or drying. Somebody else might have better advice though.
  6. Surprised how many virgins there are here but its cool if you want to be that way after all theres no rush. Sex is not everything sure its fun but i would not base my life around it i can go weeks and even months without getting laid it really isn't that hard. Id rather give up sex than cigarettes it would be so much easier too. Listen i am not gifted with looks either but i can still score. Its really not that hard to get laid it is hard to make a relationship work though. that i have neve
  7. Just use cold water and air dry its quick and easy. Using soaps drys your skin out and washes away the natural oils.
  8. The Golden Boy will destroy your national hero next month I can not wait for it. It will be special and well deserved revenge for Morales and Barrera.
  9. Damn id love to have the scars and no acne at the moment i have no scars but redish skin and spots. I doubt girls would care about scars doesnt Brad Pitt have acne scars ? i read that somewhere. if its true you only have to look at who he's banging hope all goes well for you.
  10. Fuck it i am gonna give this a go and see what happens whats the worst that can happen ? we will find out.
  11. Girls are virgins because they want to be Guys are virgins because the have to be :D Even most ugly girl can get laid there will always be a guy out there willing to bone her its not the same for guys.