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  1. Hi all, ive decided to change to electric shaving after no real improvement with wet shaving, i have been looking around and heard that braun are a good company. is there anything i need to look for when buyin one? i found this... http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/part...%7C12109124.htm any suggestions? thanks, dan
  2. thanks for the reply, coincidently i bought a moisturiser yesterday and didnt read your post haha.. i got this one... uk company 'the body shop'...'aloe soothing moisture lotion spf 15' for sensitive skin (had no oily) on the back it says 'preservative free, fragrance free, colour free - derma approved. ingredients... aloe barbadensis, glycerin, erm the rest are really long names does this sound okay? it cost me 10 english pounds, it only 50ml lol
  3. thx crazygamar, so wot is aloe vera on that note then? and why would i use jojoba over aloe in the first place? is 1 better for healing than the other? thanks
  4. haha yea i may overdo it actually i got it on now and u can feel it tingling away!! stings a lil!
  5. ye mate thats how it is, dry only after washing. so jojoba oil is definitely not pore blocking? im scared to use it, but i want to! any reviews on jojoba anyone
  6. I use panoxyl 10 so it does have some drying effect on my face. Iread that even people with oily skin need to hydrate face with a moisturiser. i dont want a moisture that will aggravate my face obviously, so does anyone have any suggestions, non pore clogging etc.
  7. ok i need advice, to dry out spots i have been washing my face with panoxyl 10 - and it has helped - but after the wash i will dab some of the cream onto spots until the morning. i have been adding the cream onto the same spot for a few days to try dry the spot out totally for xmas but it seems as though i have burned away my skin. it is all very dry and wen i eat it hurts (just under my bottom lip. it was red yesterday and now it seems to ust be very cracked and sore. i have been using concea
  8. thx for the responses guys, ur post sounds reassuring lucas h, do they sell that shaver in the UK ??
  9. hi kelly, merry xmas and thanx for the post. i live in uk so i duno wot walgreens is lol i have been using panoxyl about 3 weeks now and i do feel safer using it than other washes. the problem i have recently is that i dab it on active spots, and on one area of my jawline i mustve left too much on and it has like burned my skin, its all red in that area and now im really worried as for shaving i found a king of shaves, aloe vera gel with vit a, i bought a new razor also. i was told by my de
  10. hey dude, 2 questions how do i know if my skin is sensitive or not? all i know is its just oily t-zone... gilette cream...i thought creams were pore blocking? thnks man
  11. hey dude, how do you leave the panoxyl on while shaving it off? thats a task and a half! lol