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  1. I hear that acne goes away with time. Like when you get older it goes away. I understand it is not the same for everyone so no need to lecture me on there. But I want to know if it is really true that acne goes away as you get older. Is there anyone out there that had lots of acne when they were young but out of nowhere it all stopped? Acne just picked up and left ALL on its OWN? that's possible?
  2. yeah ur skin is drier than normal and your skin is a bit more oily than normal but daayym i got clear skin. im fully clear. I bet people now look at my face and are hella jealous. AND I USED TO HAVE ACNE!
  3. The BP has worked great! i have very good control over my acne now. Pretty much no acne. Pretty much. My question is: Will the small whiteheads stop? Before the DKR I would get at least one whitehead every 4 days. I was in pretty bad shape cuz they pop up faster than they go away. But I was mild. Well now after 3.5 weeks of the DKR I am very very clear and the whiteheads are tiny as hell. I still do get an inflamed but it is just one every 1.5 weeks. I know the BP works but I just wanted t
  4. dude lets see pictures. all the people who did the urine therapy stuff never post their pictures. wheres the dam proof!
  5. i heard it does. so far for me i have no flakes, a lot less drying, and no redness.
  6. hmmm i have acne but its real mild and compared to hers...I think it would be worse if i said something about my acne and related that to hers cuz hers is much worse! should I secretly send an email under a unknown name with a fake ad about acne.org?
  7. I have this friend, she is a girl, and she has acne. She is real nice and all but I think she struggles with her acne. She never says anything about it but since I have acne I know what it's like. She has to put tons of makeup on herself to cover it up. So i want to help her out and tell her about this site. But how do I go about doing it? I mean I cant just tell her straight up to go to acne.org and clear your face. Kinda rude and embarrassing for her. So how should i go about doing it? Shoul
  8. lol i was just talking about this topic. nice poll i agree i think i solved my Frosty Snowman Flake problem but I had to take a shovel and dig under these forums for answers. sadly, i am still looking for the "wonder" answer that will be the answer to all drying and flaking (as much as it can). I bet this would encourage more tips to flow in dont you think?
  9. I agree with sunaah to yah the FAQ has "stuff" on dryness and snowflakes but isnt the reason we have a forum is because the FAQ is not totally comprehensive? and lol its just funny cuz dryness and flake bakes are what most people complain about and yet there wasnt a place designated for this stuff just my two cents
  10. hey mid try the aveeno daily moisturizer it doesnt burn unlike dans stuff
  11. I have white stuff on my face (peeling skin) and it dont look pretty. I know that i am only on day 9 but can someone tell me how to get rid of this flakiness? There are not just some small flakes but big ones. I have been using moisturizer and it helps with the dryness but my peeling skin is still visible. Should I scrub it off? Also does anyone know if the Benzoyl Peroxide Pads from Stridex to be a good alternative? I know its not that strong as dans bp but it is very easy on the skin.
  12. hey carson did your skin get used to the BP? I keep getting real dry and flaky. it seems like my skin is peeling =( how did u get over the dryness and flakiness?