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  1. How bad was your acne? mild..moderate..severe? That's funny that your regimen is the same as mine. I have been looking for someone who took/taking the same dosage as myself. I'm also taking supplements too, 2 fish oil pills and 1 vitamin E a day. What did you take that you felt helped you while on the drug? AND THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  2. How long did you take Accutane before you starting seeing real results?
  3. I keep getting notifications on my e-mail that I have new comments on my images in my gallery but when I go there, I can't view them. Even more frustrating, it will show that I have a comment on the picture but not show the comment. Grrrr...what's up Any help?
  4. My 6 month quest to find clear skin.
  5. Hey Foxy. I'm sure you look fine. Especially if your acne has improved. The crying spells is definitely something to look into, you should tell your doctor. If you remember before you started the Accutane and signed the iPledge agreement, Accutane states that it may do that. So understand that it is NOT YOU, but the medicine that may be doing that. Definitely tell your doctor. Smile! Be happy! ) Good luck on your treatment! I start mine today. Goodbye to bad skin!