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  1. Heres a tip... Mark down everything during the time your clear such as what have you been eating, your daily routine, the whole shabang Compare it to now... Has there anything you have been eating or doing differently? Since you have been clear? This simple little things could totally cause your face major outbreaks
  2. From the album: 16 year olds journy to end Acne!

    My beautiful girlfriend who i love <3
  3. haha thank you very much and it's a rather funny coincedence
  4. Hey shooter, In my case proactive worked within the first week, yes the first week. I really dont think having more then 2 breakouts is normal while using proactive but theres always a twist since your working out and sweating. I am also heavily into exercising and being on my highschool basketball team so acne can be a problem but i just suggest you just wash your face immediatly after your exercise. I would also suggest getting off of proactive and finding a more cheap solution, Try Dan's Regi
  5. Day 2 Wow! Proactive is reducing the size of my acne on my face which is great. Hoping results will continue on my hopes for a miracle. I've had 3 cokes today which is not good because I think my diet is what's causing the major acne breakouts around my face. More to come...
  6. Day 1... Schools Out -I'm using the proactive solution, the 3 set which includes a Revitalizing Toner, Repairing Lotion, and a Cleanser. -I'm also using a dial body wash 2 in 1 Cleanser -And a Netrogena Soap bar. My skin is quite oily and my pores tend to get cloged rather easily. I have acne all over my front chest as well as the front back area plus some random acne around the lower back. My face is really red from previous acne and I have at least 7 big acne marks on the face in random
  7. So far it seems oily skin has a better chance of being healed by proactive I'm hoping for more replies from people who constantly complain bout proactive or have not had it work.
  8. You most likely have dry skin or very sensitive skin. Or you could be allergic but the chances are low due to it only being a 3 percent chance. I would not say its the medication in general just your skin, how many times do you use it? if more than once reduce to only once a day.
  9. http://www.easycoffee.com/neosporin.html Is this the neosporin you guys are talking about?
  10. I have two basic questions 1) Before you used proactive on a rate of 1-5 how oily was your skin 2) Did proactive help you at all? If so please give a 1-5 on how much it cleared your face I have noticed proactive helps mainly people with very oily skin instead of people with acne that have some dry skin. Your reply are greatly apperciated. 1) My skin is very oily 4 2) Proactive cleared all my acne away nearly 100 percent.