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  1. Well the problem is this, Since i do some bodybuilding i have to eat pretty large amounts of food and especially food with proteine. Now this is also my problem, cuz these foods make me break out. I break out from eggs, wheyshakes, milk, virtually everything with proteins. I am taking Roaccutane now for about 2 weeks and i stopped eating what i used to eat and things are clearing up pretty well, BUT i want to eat the stuff i used to eat again. Now my doc adviced me not to eat it (cause it was
  2. A brief intro, I used to take Roaccutane 4 years ago for about 3 months, things worked out fine my acne was virtually gone. Then like 6 months later it came back a little, but this was to few to mention. Next to that i was 18 and around that age everybody has a little acne so i thought it was just part of the game. Now i'm 22 and i still have acne, in fact over the last couple of months things were getting worse. So i'm back on Roaccutane, i told my doctor this time i really want to make sure
  3. I was thinking u received a facial, given by someone with acne.. kinky lol
  4. I use a multi-vitamin everyday so i think there's enough vit E in my system already, but about this rosacea, this is temporarily aint it? When i would stop using accutane i supposse the redness will also drop. I used accutane before and didnt get this red, that's a bit weird if ind.
  5. Best thing is to use B5 in combination with Zinc. There's even study's which show that people with acne have a low zinc level. So why not give it a try.
  6. For every drug in the world there's positive and negative notes, if you try hard enough you even find a bad thing about fresh air. It's a DRUG, not candy.
  7. Same here, might be because ur body is becoming anabolic, you produce more testosteron and that will lead to possible zits. That's just my theory
  8. Yeah it's red-ish all day long, when i go outside for some time it gets a littttle less but still it's like i have been to a warm country and got burned by the sun.
  9. I'm on accutane for 5 days now and since about 3 days i experience a very red skin (only on face) Is this a side-effect? Or is this cause my facewash/moisterizer are to harsh for my skin right now? I am using the products from Zirh.
  10. Yeah I am just going to let necro talk to himself if he can't just let it go that people think differently than him. I actually REALLY like the taste of my whey powder. I think in the beginning I did not like it so much, but now I enjoy the taste quite a bit. Sorry, got side tracked. I am 5'8" and weigh 166 pounds. If you want to taste a reallllll good tasting whey try BSN for a change, best tasting whey ever. Though pretty expensive, dont know if it is the same price up in the us
  11. Definatly recognizable, i'm also lazy as f**k since i'm on roaccutane. But tryin to push myself to it
  12. Creatine is really bad for you, and most of the "mass" you will gain is just water. All I do is whey protein, 2-3 scoops a day, and each scoop is a little less than 30g of protein. The majority of my protein comes from chicken breast, and I get a little more from nuts. Sorry, but this made me laugh. Nothing is more ridiculous than people who go lift heavy weights and get "strong" legs but couldn't run a 10 minute mile if their life depended on it. I am like the original poster, although I
  13. I certainly DO NOT agree with you, First of all in order to get muscles you have to eat proteine, a high level of proteine intake leads to acne in a lot of cases. When i look at my own case, i had to stop my bodybuilding nutrition in order to stay clean(er) since i stopped eating the high amounts of proteine my acne went wayyyy less. And if you have a diet which consists of no proteine and you can gain on it, tell me cuz that's something new.
  14. Eating real food (when you mean non-processed) is the best food there is, but instead of looking at a caveman diet i'd rather take a bodybuilders diet and cut some things out cuz they eat waaaay to much for my appetite. Most bodybuilders eat a lot of cooked chicken and beef, also eggwhites are great. Rice is excellent for breakfast (together with some more things) it will provide you with quick carbohydrates. But nowadays unless you have some chicken in ur garden which u kill everyday it's p
  15. I think you have to make that decision for yourself, i am kinda in the same situation, i used roaccutane 4 years ago helped me to stay clear for couple of years but now it seems it is coming back. So even though it wasnt that much i started a minimum dose (30mg a day) for about 2/3 months. I think something like that would be advisable for you as well.