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  1. It looks alright to me...not considered severe.
  2. I don't think those are cysts or nodules. It looks like normal pimples that got inflammed and what I call "ripe". Pimples above your lips and on your chins (at least for guys) may be caused by your shaving equipments, so make sure they are clean. Also examining those areas with your hand is not encouraged as our hands tend to have some dirt or oil which can further irritate the pimples. I think...you may wanna consider AHA chemical peel for your back at a clinician's office or you can or
  3. Hey dayman, Remember me? We chatted a few months ago... Hmm...I think there are some slight improvements. So since your last post, have you noticed any further improvements to the TCA CROSS treated areas? I am thinking of ordering from Julie's Perfect Complexion as you mentioned you ordered from her as well. But I am still waiting and doing more research first. Hey share with us more details okay? (1) What do you mean when you said there was not enough TCA? As in you did not soak the toothpick l
  4. I think it might be nodular acne or cystic acne. Sometimes it looks and feels like just a tiny flat-looking bump beneath the skin. But usually, it is waiting to flare up without any pus inside. I think it is better to leave it alone...because it usually goes away after the swollen stage is over. At least that's how it worked for mine. Good luck man...
  5. Hi, You can try 4 things based on what I know. (1) Laser = Laser such as Fraxel and etc usually helps to reduce acne scars and red marks. But it is expensive and may worsen a person's skin condition. Use with caution. (2) IPL = A fairly expensive treatment which uses some sort of light to reduce the acne red marks. In the hands of an experienced doctor, IPL can do wonders to those stubborn red acne marks after two or three treatments depending on the intensity settings. But some indi
  6. Hello John. This is what I did that really improved on my acne problem. (1) Professional help = Seek a dermatologist for treatment. I took antibiotics initially for about 6 to 12 months. The antibiotics helped control the acne. (2) AHA Treatment = I started using AHA gel 10% for my acne face 3 times per week in the night to control the acne from coming out. On alternate nights, I use light moisturizer too. (Note: Do a small test patch on the side of your jawline or cheek before doin
  7. Hi, based on what I have read on how other people use TCA cross, they insert the tip of the toothpick (soaked with TCA acid and make sure the acid is not dripping) into the center of the scar for about 2 to 3 seconds and lift it up. Next, the treated area will frost (turns milky white). But please read up more on this before trying it on yourself. I have read a lot about TCA cross but I have not tried it on myself yet. Good luck... =)
  8. Hello Wynn, I read that you have done TCA cross yourself. May I know do you stretch the scar while applying the TCA cross? I read that it helps to let the TCA cross reach the base of the scar better. What are your views on this? =) happy24
  9. I think at this point, it would be better if you leave it alone. If it is a stubborn cyst, popping it with a needle or messing with it might leave a scar. So let it heal on its own.
  10. Hello Brawn, Can you please share how you apply TCA cross on rolling scars? I mean after all, they have broad and wavy surface. So you noticed immediate results? How much improvement did you see? Thanks for reading...
  11. Hi dayman, 1) Any further updates on your improvements after TCA cross since our last PM? 2) And if let's say the scar is a pitted box-like scar...should the toothpick also be sharpened so that it reaches only the center? Because I gather from your comments and experience, it sounds like it's easy for a normal toothpick soaked with tca 100% to cover the entire scar, despite aiming only at the center. 3) So the idea is to apply TCA cross firmly (for 2 seconds?), but not like press down
  12. Hello athumbysg, Glad to hear that your scars have improved. I am also from Singapore, and I am keen on subcision and laser too. Can you kindly private message me which clinic you went to? I would also like to chat with you more about your experience and the results so far...please reply me, okay? Thank you very much...! =)