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    Born and Raised in Minnesota Currently living in Bostn
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    Well, just like every other guy is the U.S I'm a sports fanatic.<br /><br />Basketball, Football, Baseball...you name it I watch it.<br /><br />I'm love to write. My favorite hobby behind Monday Night Football.<br /><br />
  1. TimberWolves Baby!!!

    1. As I enter this site to learn more about the wretched skin conditions that attack our body I also have registered in this "forum of forums" to answer questions of all sorts. However, my fellow acne sufferers I have one question for you before I start my journey. Have you ever heard of Biocutis - Bioskincare Natural Skin Care line? And what do you think of it? Need to know before I ever touch such a cream. Let me know, and godspeed
    2. Thank god someone wrote a "weirdest place I got acne post". I Was way to embarrassed to write one myself. But started browsing and found a lot of people who have gotten acne in the same spot, the arm pit. I thought something was wrong with me the first time I got it but I know now that I'm not the only one. Well, thanks again and I know now not to hesitate over any acne findings on my body. Lol Take Care...