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  1. popping/squeezing, i was in junior high and thought it made my acne go away faster if i helped get all the gunk out.
  2. i have horrible scarring and hyper-pigmentation. my face is a complete train wreck. what i did to gain confidence and to attract girls is started working out a lot. girls don't even notice my face now, their eyes go straight to my arms and abs and i have a lot of confidence now too.
  3. jim, i do my entire face at once. at a time when i can hide in my house for 2 days so no one but my family has to see. usually after 2 days it looks almost normal, then on day 4-5 it usually peels and then i just shave and all the dead skin comes off. as for a update on my scars: my skin is generally smoother, it looks like my ice picks are getting smaller, i have a raised scar that i'd say is 30% better. however my skin is a total mess right now because spring kind of snuck up on me and i've b
  4. i have 1 raised scar and after 3 sessions of rolling it's gone down by about half. amyelizabeth - rolling is pretty easy and isn't that painful, i don't use a numbing cream or anything i can handle it just fine. if you were to have someone do it, it can be $100+ per treatment. my roller was only $50 and came with some creams and is supposed to last 6-7 sessions.
  5. so mun you've been rolling for over a year now right? how much of an improvement have you had since you started. i've rolled 2 times so far, going to again this week. so far my skin has become smoother and some hyperpigmentation has faded but my scars haven't changed.
  6. i used bp for 5 months. redness never went away and it made my face look worse the entire time. it killed my cystic acne though after 3 months. i decided to give myself a break from bp though and see what would happen. redness went away, white/blackheads broke out, but my cystic acne never came back. my face looks alot better than before the bp so im happy i went through with it. i would never use it again though.
  7. my dermaroller finally came in yesterday, i'm wondering what are the best creams you guys have used with it. it's 1.5mm so i think i need a numbing cream and it came with vit C powder, what else should i get when i run to the drug store tomorrow?
  8. this is a dumb question but can someone link me to a site where i can buy a derma roller. i went through all the threads about it and the only links say that they only sell them to physicians and i have to contact one.
  9. WHAT? really? oh man, that sucks. so we can tell if we are masturbating/ having sex to much if we start breaking and out and stuff LMAO. yeah another way to tell is by looking at your fingernails. if you have white spots on the nail its because your either really low in iron or zinc. its pretty hard to be low on iron so most of the time its zinc. alot of guys have the white spots.
  10. what size of bottles of water are you drinking? i personally drink 3-5L a day, mainly because 74% of muscle is just water so you always want to have tons of it in your body to promote muscle growth. my skin has cleared quite a bit since i got into a good workout/nutrition regimen.
  11. yeah i spent like 2 hours reading through it, i couldnt find the answers to these questions though.
  12. About 10 months ago i stopped getting serious acne, i gave my skin time and hoped the scars/hyper pigmentation would fade. the hyper pigmentation has faded quite a bit but my scars havent changed, so i figure its time to do something about it. i have at least 50 ice pick scars and a few rolling ones. the derma roller seems appealing. do i need to go to a doctor/dermatologist or do i use it myself? if so can i order just 1 roller or is it a 1 time use thing and buy a new one for each session. wh
  13. i think the no jerking off/sex thing only applies to dudes. theres zinc in our jizz and if we use it too often our bodies become short on zinc which can effect the skin.
  14. put it on when your done your workout and b4 bed.
  15. bp got rid of my inflamed acne in 2 months. i still have black heads and clogged pores but nothing noticeable to other people. it did make my red marks worse when i was using 2 pumps twice a day, but it stopped me from getting cysts and huge whiteheads that created more marks constantly. now im using bp in the morning and only half a pump, and acv+olive oil to combat the red marks. it was definately worth using for me and is not a scam.