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  1. I like Tempt unsweetened vanilla hemp milk. It's full of healthy fats and so creamy and delicious! Also coconut milk is good for you, but maybe an acquired taste. Some people don't do well with too many almonds, either due to an allergy/intolerance, or because they have a lot of Omega 6.
  2. I got the sirius aurora on 1/16 and have been using it since then. Overall I am satisfied. It does not get me 100% clear, but down from maybe 5-6 big pimples at a time to 1 big one and 1 or 2 small. I consider it a big improvement. I agree that it's a time committment, sometimes I don't find the time and end up breaking out again. Same with alternating between blue and red, I don't always find the time so I haven't really been doing that. Now I probably do blue 3 times per week and that'
  3. Which one? Did you use it daily? You might be in the 10% of people who don't respond to blue light then. It's been working wonders for me, and just the little Tanda Zap so far. nycguy, do you use the blue light ever day? I got my sirius yesterday, started using it this morning (yay!) But the directions recommend using it 3-4 times per week, so I was planning on using blue light every other day with red light on the alternating days. What has your regimen been like?
  4. Well, I went ahead and ordered the Sirius even though I couldn't find any reviews from people using it for acne. People using it for anti-aging seemed to have pretty good feedback. It has a 60-day guarantee, so I can always return it. I ordered it on 12/27, and it still hasn't arrived! They told me it shipped on 1/6. I think it's pretty unreasonable in this day and age to order something online and still not receive it 16 days later. Anyway, will update after I receive it and see if it
  5. Any follow up on the Sirius Aurora? I've thought about ordering it, it seems like a good value and good product compared to other LED lights, but I would love some feedback on the product from acne sufferers. Thanks!
  6. Patrick, have you had success with the Sirius Aurora? I am interested in it, and it generally has good reviews, but couldn't find any reviews from people who used it for acne...
  7. Hi Lindsay, Did you have any breakthrough bleeding or weird cycles while you went through this process? I am in a similar situation to you, been on birth control for over ten years, dying to go off, but I've finally gotten my acne under control and I'm worried about breaking out after going off of birth control. I'd like to try weaning, but I know that if I've ever missed a few pills I've ended up having really weird bleeding - breakthrough bleeding during my cycle or a very long period. I'm