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  1. Please report back when you happen to re-test your vitamin D levels. I'm curious as to where they will be. I'm taking 5000 IU a day, not for acne, but for general health. I have brown skin and am indoors most of the time, wear sun screen on my face when I do go out. When I got tested before supplementation, it was pretty low, like 35 ng/dl or something. I haven't tested again.
  2. The only thing that removed the blackheads completely for me was accutane. But they came back a few months after I stopped taking it.
  3. Solodyn 135 worked very well for me. I'm just sad that I have to get off it now. It was the only thing that ever worked at improving my acne.
  4. Hi, I'm going to start this combo tonight. I was on Solodyn 135 mg (antibiotic) which has worked very well for me. But I have taken it for 7 or 8 months which is considered too long, and sure enough, I have started to experience some of the side effects. My skin and teeth have become discolored (I already have dark skin but it has gotten several shades darker... it's not a huge deal but I don't want to get permanently darker). Also I was on Aczone for a few months. So my dermatologist has told
  5. Just talk to them about what you feel. They are generally very friendly people (in my experience). If you tell them that you refuse to take topicals, they will give you alternatives. They are not going to force you to use a topical. And ultimately, they only give a prescription. It's up to you go fill out that prescription at the pharmacy. So you decide if you want to buy it or not.
  6. My dermatologist just prescribed aczone for me, and I found this thread while trying to find out what it is. He told me it is a new drug, and for me to use it twice a day along with Solodyn. I was pretty skeptical that Aczone would work since no other topical has really worked for me (usually they only make it worse), but after seeing this thread, I'm feeling pretty encouraged. I'm going to start using it today.
  7. I've been on accutane and solodyn, and my experience on accutane was far worse than on solodyn by orders of magnitude. The only thing about solodyn is that is has discolored my nails a purplish color, but that is hardly noticeable. It has improved my skin tremendously though. Accutane made my skin very bad after 2 months (but as I understand it, this is normal and you need to wait 5 months for results) and I had numerous side affects (Not just the common ones such as dry eyes and lips... but als
  8. Solodyn 90 didn't work well for me, so my dermatologist increased the dosage to 135 and it has worked very well, and I could see the effects rather early on. I have been on it for about 4 months now. I still get about 1 or 2 very small pimples every now and then and some days none, which is a huge improvement from when I had so many pimples (actives and not) that I couldn't even count them all. It has also completely removed all the acne from my back, which I didn't expect at all. My back used t
  9. I'm really scared about this myself. I took accutane for 2 months, then stopped because I couldn't handle it anymore. Are there any cases of people growing significantly after taking accutane (Atleast an inch or more)? Also, how do you get a bone age test prescribed to you? Who do you have to ask for one? Would a dermatologist give one?