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  1. So are you clear now! That is great! I have right now one little one in my chin, and the onw I had in my cheek is healing, and another one trying to come, but it is different, it is just like a red mark but I do not feel a bump or anything, plus of course all the red marks I have from previous pimples, I hate them! Anyways, I really fell like the Retin is working plus the ACV. I have a doctor's appointment this coming friday. Good look amorfati, I ma happy to now your are doing better!
  2. Yes, I am currently taking Bactrim and BC. No problems so far.
  3. Dear Amorfati: Yes, ACV is apple cider vinegar, it has helped a lot! I do not get 2 to 3 zits every week, or even less, this is great for me, eventhough I hace tons, tons of red marks all over, so looks like I have active pimples, but not. My skin is very soft to the touch, and right now I do not feel a bump anywhere, which again, it is great for me! I will continue de ACV with the Retin gel, and all the things I am doing to stop this. I can tell you, my nightmare started after I took that pill
  4. Dear Amorfati, what can I say?? wuaw!!! you have gone thru an amazing journey! and you have been so patient!! I can believe it! I really aplause the goats you have to stick with the retinoid! I am in about week 6 on my treatment with Retin-A, I am 30 years old and started developing acne around 3 months ago, and i has been horrible! Iwould get papules, cysts, a very inflammed acne!, so when I saw that nothing was working, I decided to go with the Derm, so around 7 weeks ago he prescribed an anti
  5. Hi, I think that if you use apple cider vinegar as a toner might help. just make sure you put water (50-50). Couple of questions: which cleanser do you use? how long did it take you to be clear? did you get a inital breakout? do you have red marks? I am alsking all this because I am currenlty using tetrinoin with a topical antibiotic, I have also cystic acne and a lot of red marks. Thanks
  6. No problem! BCP is birth control pill. I heard that the Jasmine was a good one, but I guess it did not work for you. I am on my 3rd box of Diane, so I will wait and see, plus the antibiotics and retinoid. I will let you know if all things I am doing work, hopefully we all can help each other in this journey. There are some days where I feell very down, but I know I have to be patient and wait for the best! Keep my posted.
  7. Where i work, i am the only one with acne! how terrible! i feel sometimes very bad, but i hope teh treatment i started will help.
  8. Hello! Well I am also 29 and started developing cystic acne around 4 months ago. I always had acne prone skin and went on a lot of treatments when I was a teenager. My acne got under control with BCP and Proactive for around 5 years. I stopped the pill and went under a lot of stress and my skin just started to get crazy. I never had mounster pimples before, but now it is terrible. I am also a teacher, and it is very hard to teach infront of a class knowing everybody is looking ta your face. I ca
  9. Hello All! I am under the same thing, retinoid and topical antibiotic at night and BP in the morning, besides oral antibiotic. I am on week 2, and I still get big zits, some of them in the same places as before, or some other in place where I usually do not break out. My acne is more cystic. I have a lot of red marks from previous acne, so plus the ones I have it looks not nice! I am getting desperate because I have tried a lot of things, but I hope this medications will work, I know I need to g
  10. hola! soy mexicana, y vivo en Texas
  11. ??? Hello there! I also started drinking ACV today, I just put 1 table spoon for now, I will try 2 tomorrow, it was not as gross tasting as I thought, I also strated apllying it on my face, I hope this along iwth the medications helps! How long more or less to start seeing results? Any advice is appreciated! Maleka
  12. Hello there! Well here I am again, this is my second week of treatment. I think my skin it getting worse! I know you said it is normal and it means the tetrinoid is working, but I feel very down at the moment :redface: I feel I look terrible, I feel I am not pretty, and believe me, I used to think I was!, 90% of my acne is on my left cheek! it is very wierd, I know I have to hold up and wait to see results, but I have so many red marks now! my skin looks terrible! I started today to use ACV as
  13. Hello! I understand how you feel, really! I have a similas cystic acne, and I know it is very frustrating! I had a beautiful skin 4 months ago!, but my life changed radically, I was under a lot of stress, and stopped taking the pill, etc, and my skin went crazy!, at first I thought it was just for couple of weeks, but time passed by and started to get worse, finally I decided to visit a derm, so know I am almost in my second week of treatment. I am on the pill again, oral antibiotic and a gel ca
  14. Thank you very much for your reply! It is important for me to know that somebody out there understands what we are going through! As you said, I am in the early stage of the treatment, but I get desperate! I know you understand this. I think my skin looks a bit better, but not that much, I still get pimples, but I hope they will start to go away, they look a bit smaller, but I have a lot of red marks! but I guess the scar treatment will come after I get clear. I have an appointment with my derm
  15. Hello, is somebody using Steviamicyn? any suggestions?? What is the best thing to get rid of red marks?? I have a lot and I fell terrible, plus of course the pimples I have already! Please help!!Thanks