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  1. Yo I havnt been on here for a long time, but I've just got 2 new spots and that reminded me to come on here and tell you about my experince. I'm 22 male and live in the UK. I had really bad acne so I went on accutane on the 31st of January 2009. I went to the dermatologist at Kings college hospital, they were ok but it was kinda annoying that I saw a differnt doctor each time I went, I didnt feel like they could judge my progress properly by reading somebody elses notes. I also often had to
  2. ok, I've been off it for 12 days and everythings still all good. Although I ama freaking out when I think I notice any change. The drug stays in your blood system for about 30 days after treatment so thats when ill really worry. Carrying on my normal regime of clytaphil and simple moisturiser although I'm gonna start using a lil less moisturizer as skin shouldt be quite as dry. Will let you know if anything changes. Any real success stories out there?!
  3. I've never heard of mama lotion. dunno. anyone?
  4. Nope not yet, but I see her on Friday. I'd happily stay on accutane for life, My side effect havnt been very bad, just dry lips and skin. Why cant this happen?
  5. wanna get some convo going on this thread so.....bump!
  6. Hi I have suffered from acne for about the last 10 years. Tried everything, spent alot of money then decided to go on accutane for a 2nd time (first time round I was 18, didnt take it too seriously, my derm was terrible and I only completed half the course). Anyway I've been on accutane for the past 8 months (60mg everyday), I finish my pills 2mo and have an appointment with the derm on Friday (you might see me in kings college hospital!). My skins not perfect now but its so much better than
  7. Hey. Im pretty far into my accutane course and was hoping to have progressed more by now. I usually take my accutane with a bowl of cereal in the morning. Your supposed to take it with a fatty meal, which isnt very convenient so for the past week I have been taking it with a cod liver oil tablet (1000mg I think). I read this is supposed to make it enter your blood system at a more gradual rate and therefore make it more effective. I read this could cause an outbreak as your effectivly uping yo
  8. thanks. as the accutane seems to be working, wouldnt that indicate that my acne isnt caused by a fungel effection tho?
  9. Hey So I started training for the london marathon last night. turns out im a lot less fit than I thought I was! Im on Accutane at the mo, whick is working pretty well. I use Simple moisterizer in the morning. anyways, went for a run at about 1930 last night, my face started to sting a lil bit afterwards. By 2200 I had broken out on my cheeks! Any idea why this might have happened/how to prevent it in future?! Could it be the sweat? the accutane? the moisturizer? my pores opening? ARRR! help
  10. Just a reminder that it's the last day of my eBay auction for the beauty skin lamp. It's currently sitting on just over £50 so a bargain for 1 lucky person. Remeber I will be throwing in a free gift if the person who wins it is a acne.org member!
  11. Did any one see "grow your own drugs" on bbc 2 earlier. It showed you how to make a face mask outta kiwi fruits and a few other bits. At the end they said that next week they would be looking at a all natuarl acne remedy. Think all the details are on the BBC's website. *Moderator edit - read the board rules. *
  12. I have my first bidder. Is it any of you? Your grabbing a great product!