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  1. I started taking the glucosamine chondroitin about two weeks ago and now I'm getting pain in the knees. I thought it was supposed to help reduce pain and strengthen cartilage? Is that just a temporary side effect?
  2. I'm getting back into weight lifting and I want to keep my joints nice and healthy for squats. Reinforcing correct technique is one thing but I also want to start taking joint supplements. I bought some glucosamine the other day since it was on sale and it says it helps build healthy joints, protects them, helps prevent ostheoperosis, etc. Now is this safe to take while on accutane? Because I used to take cod liver oil and that had a lot of vitamin a in it so I had to stop using it. Would fish o
  3. Iff I took accutane in a day, then accidentally took it again in the same day, what's the worst that could happen?
  4. Okay thanks for letting me know. I have to start a new routine that will work with the joint discomfort and then get back to my old one after finishing accutane.
  5. I frequently practice martial arts and whenever I stretch or kick to the side I get pains in my joints, or what it feels like in between the bone and the muscle. Infact I can't really describe what it feels like and it's hard to pinpoint where exactly I get the pain. This has caused me to lose dynamic and static flexibility and it's hard to increase my range of motion in stretching. Not to mention I could almost do the splits both ways before starting accutane I know this is possibly a side e
  6. Ever since a month or two ago the accutane causes dryness that if lotion is applied to the area on my face, it burns quite a bit when I open my mouth or scrunch my nose. But when I do apply lotion it just causes more acne the next day.
  7. Do you have a link to this research? My google searches find pages with the opposite finding. I thought you couldn't take fish oil because of the high amount of vitamin a in the oil and the accutane?
  8. The worst I'm experiencing is joint and muscle pain but it's not as bad as other people who I have talked too. My skin is barely even dry. Just my lips sometimes have little peelings and my hands get dry which can easily be fixed with lotion.
  9. About two years ago, I got a back injury and it hasn't healed yet. Every day it's painful and I have to crack it and do physio exercises just for short, minimal relief. The pain was and is in my lower back. It's been a month and a half since I've been taking accutane and ever since the first week of taking it, I get numbing pain in my upperback and lower back when laying down, sitting up, or squatting. I'm pretty sure I have never experienced this kind of pain during or before the injury so it m
  10. Sometimes I forget to take my daily dose as I eat my meal. Is it okay to take it with some milk after the meal if I forgot?