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  1. That's great that lufenuron is working for you.If the candida will continue die off I guess you'll feel like shit for while(not like I would wish you to).I've been killing mine for the last week and it was so bad. This one I'm just taking probiotics. Anyway I found this article about glyconutrients and their effect on candida so check it out if anyone cares. Ok I don't know if it belongs it here but I'll ask anyway . How do you thing this candida experience
  2. Thug Life A word Evolved by the late Tupac Shakur. Commonly mistaken for a Criminal. Thug Life is the opposite of someone having all he needs to succeed. Thug life is when you have nothing, and succeed, when you have overcome all obstacles to reach your aim.
  3. Hi everyone So it's been few days ago and I wanted cheat on my diet but, I remebered this topic and I actually didnt so I guess its helping to stop by sometimes even I know Im not welcome ramiejae25: Well.. when I get breakout Im using tea tre oil and skinoren. Its a german topical drug and it's best cream on acne I ever had . Im not sure if you can get it in the US ,but if not try something else with azelaic acid. Chey: 70% calories from fat it's quite a lot . Doing this in really long
  4. Hey guy Today it's excatly 14 years since 2pac was officially shot 4 times in the Las Vegas and than died 7 days later on the 13th of september 96 . So I just want to share with you some his quotes and part of the lyrics which are not just lyrics but also true stories. In my mind I'ma blind man doin time Look to my future cause my past, is all behind me Is it a crime, to fight, for what is mine? A coward dies a thousand deaths....a soldier dies but once. Got shot 5 times but I'm still br
  5. Yes, I've been talking about using hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade oraly. I didn't know about using as an enema but, being honest I ain't confident about idea doing an enema to myself. I've read one discussion about it ,and there were so many people absolutely ok with that, and there were actually one couple who been doing that to each other. (I know how romantic lol) I mean wtf. Anyway I found about ozone hydrocolon theraphy so I may try that . The main thing for me is to recover a
  6. Chey. Omg 4 years of antibiotics ! You certainly need probiotics . The problem is that most of them are destroyed by digestion acids. That's why they should be take on empty stomach in the morning betterly . There are also probitic enemas but I've try them . In few days I'm going to start killing candida again with grape seeds . It worked for me really well first time, after 2weeks i felt much better and more energize. Just first week i had headaches. What helped to get rid of toxins was rooibos
  7. Hi Chey, I know exactly how you feel about not being supported or even stress out by family . In my house they actually think I'm wasting money and time by preparing my food , so that's why I always use some kind of excuse like, I'm eat this to build up my body or cause its high energy food. I know I need to stay true to myself and continue this diet even it makes me feels awkward sometimes , especially on party where everyone drinks except me. This frigging diet really makes me loner but wh
  8. Anytime, bud! Music is life. Cheers.

  9. well... I'm using a Yacon Syrup instead of sugar cause it doesn't feed candida , to get energy I eat aa lot Quinoa the nutritional value per 100 g is 370kcal and rye bread . Not wheat at all. I don't eat a lot of meat just chickens sometimes but the best thing to get protein is hemp or brown rice protein powder or egg white .I don't eat pretty much any fats just some nuts, and i drink a fresh carrot juice quite a lot . So that's basically diet i have
  10. well.. thank you spikey you welcome anytime :).They actually canceled my topic and put it into other one .whatever I will bring the topic of all-time and ruin everyone with motivational quotes :) take care

  11. Hey guys Here are some songs that are really helping me going through tuff times and move on with my life . For me is definitely Nr.1 Not Afraid but everyone knows this song so I ain't gonna put link here . Hopefully you will like some of them too ,and remember ! Being defeated is temporary but giving up is what makes it permanent. eminem no apologies tupac changes oasis supersonic tupac until the end of time
  12. I dont wanna dissapoint you guys but being just on diet wont help ! You need to take supplements such as Grapefruit Seed Extract, to kill candida and alpha lipoic acid to regulate and take away sugar from candida or something else to regulate sugar . . But if you have candida overgrowth in colon its more difficulte . So try to learn more about it cause it really really hard thing to get rid of it propely so it wont come back again . good luck to you
  13. Hi Drizzler If I would be you I would buy Grapefruit seed extract , probiotics , chlorella , oxygen elememts max cause candida hates oxygen and some supplements for cleansing a body .
  14. I also used to have stupid dermatologist but he wasnt bad person he was just stupid . The thing is that most of dermatologists they dont really care of you So you cant rely just on your derm. It sad but its true . But hating someone is foolish. It wont bring your pretty face back . Dalai Lama said : If you hate someone, you are hurting mainly yourself.
  15. Thank you guys for your honest comments. As it was said in the video there is lot of different causes of the acne and every opinon is welcome here so if anyone has something to say about it please write your comments below . The question is still the same WHAT CAUSES ACNE ?