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  1. i've been on the dr. for 6 weeks! i haven't been to the forums for so long cause i don't even have to worry about my face anymore i'm clear i just have blackheads to worry about now
  2. how much does the accupuncture cost for u? i've been wanting to get it done for awhile now but i hear it's really expensive... maybe i'll try it after the holiday season cause of all the money i'm gonna be spending
  3. i'm using it to exfoliate in conjunction with the Face Doctor soap. I haven't broken out with it, it's really good i recommend trying it using Jessica's exfoliation method with an electric toothbrush.
  4. fuck Botchla and his regimine! it didn't do anything for me just some stupid thing i wasted my money on that didn't work!
  5. there's already a topic about accupuncture on here do a search... the people have had really good results i was thinkin about doing it but it's 2 expensive.
  6. any updates on people using Burts Bees tomato bar? i'm thinkin of getting it.
  7. I've drank aloe vera juice before, at first i thought it would be nasty but it's really really good!
  8. I'm goin to the doctors tomorrow and i'm gonna ask to give me something for my acne... hopefully it'll work, i really don't wanna take meds for my acne but i'm pretty fed up with acne... i just don't want to get an initial breakout i work in retail and i don't want my face lookin like shit! Well we'll see what he gives me... my acne isn't that bad but i have a lot of blackheads and i breakout a lot.
  9. there's already a topic about this in the diet/holistic forum check it out: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=66816