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  1. Yeah it seemed it really wasnt working for me in my 4th month either. IMO the true results don't come until after you have stopped taking the drug. It really is a weird process but whatever works
  2. Haha what am I doing for my skin now? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I just wash it when I'm in the shower with skin sensitive dove soap..that's it! Like I said sometimes I'll get those really really really tiny pimples that you can't even notice unless you look really close, but that's about it.
  3. Damn i forgot my dose lol...I think total was 8000 or 9000 mg well below the 12000 mg required for my weight i think. I had really bad acne im talkin cysts from hell. id get about 1 every week it was terrible. But yeah if your breaking out through your course IMO i think its the drug squeezing out all the shit from under your skin, but once your off the drug, your skin slows down and most everything is out from under...but that's just how I think of it. I could be completely wrong
  4. Hey just lettin everyone know I ended my accutane treatment in January, and Ive only gotten 1 small cyst since then a few months ago. If i get any breakouts they are the very very tiny pimples that go away in a day. And yes I was breaking out the whole time on accutane. It seems that I didnt start really clearing up until after I was off the medication. Amazing. So yes there is hope with this drug. Later
  5. I have no idea accutane is a very weird drug. I havent had a breakout for a whole month and now I'm starting to break out again but with much much smaller cysts(cant even call em that I guess). I got about a few more months to go before I'm off this drug .
  6. Oh yes that happens to me sometimes and it fucking blows!! Sometimes i would get a cyst on my left cheek, and then days later a cyst on my right cheek appears...makes me look like a fuckin clown. Seriously acne is fuckin ridiculous
  7. Haha thats so weird. My heels hurt right when I wake up too! And then after I walk to the bathroom and back it seems to go away. Other than that though joint pains are a minumum for me anyways since I'm highly conditioned and weightlift/spring everyday.
  8. Hi, I'm currently into 3 and a half months of Accutane and while it did put a halt to whiteheads and regular pimples, I'm still getting alot of cysts(about 3 a month). Usually after a cyst clears, I am clear for about a week or two then another cyst pops up. I was just wondering when is it that usually the cysts come to a halt as well?? Thanks
  9. Oh yes the dreams you have on Accutane are extremely fucked up. I have no idea why but I have a weird dream just about everynight. Oh well I guess it makes my sleep more exciting. Good luck bro!
  10. God i know exactly what your going through Skye. About a year ago my fucking acne wanted to take a different turn and go haywire on my face. Now I'm left with scars and the occasional cyst or two every week. My face used to look so clear 2 years ago. I'm 21 now. I think its fucking bullshit but it has helped me set goals for myself. I'm now hitting the gym everyday and going to improve my body to the status of a bodybuilder. In my opinion a GREAT body is just as good as a pretty face. I'm also t
  11. Hello everyone. I have a question I'm wondering if some of you all may have an answer to. I'm 21 years old, and I'm still gettin pretty bad acne. I've had severe acne since I was 16 years old but it never really got out of control until I was about 19-20 years old. Don't know why it got worse but I'm currently on Accutane to try and rid the problem. Anyways heres my question. First off, my acne was obviously inherited from my dad because he had it until his early 20s. Second, I used to get ba