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  1. isnt the oil free acne wash pretty drying for u? and i use the clearasil ultra i cant tell the difference
  2. this will help http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=11566 i followed it exactly how he described but i scrubbed and rubbed in both really hard so they would getin there and not dry out i had great succes in about a week, i still have like 2 zits and some blackheads but its a big improvement.. its 2 products and its really easy give it a shot
  3. use the sa to unclog pores, then use the bp to kill the bacteria, right after eachother, kinda like blotchlas
  4. im using clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub but its another 2% sa which isnt very effective so what should i use
  5. when should i use acv with blotchlas regimen? before or after the bp wash? twice a day?
  6. proactiv sucks and the regimen kinda sucks to use blotchlas reigmen http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=11566
  7. I have heard of people that have been on the Regimen for 6 weeks and are just starting to notice results, I know for a fact me and MANY MANY others have been clear in as little as two weeks, some little using sa + bp. You will get red by using bp of any sort, if you rub it in hard it will not dry up and it will absorb in ur pore which is what u want u will notice the results
  8. How long are you washing? Describe how your washing and how you dry, also make sure not to touch your face to often, a little bit is ok but alot will get your skin oily.
  9. Rub it in hard and fast so it doesn't dry up on your skin and actually gets in your pore, thats what I did with Blotchla's regimen and he also said to go gentle. Gentle is not always the key, you will have reddness and everything going gentle or hard, you get better & faster results if you go hard. I got clear in about a week.
  10. Where can I read more about it and learning how to perform a flush?
  11. An old girlfriend of mine had a clear face but acne on her back and with acne comes scars, I didn't even care. I felt glad I could relate to her and it made me more comfortable.