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  1. I don't post on here much, I mostly read but no offense, I don't see the point when you can ask a professional the questions u want. I wrote DR. Lam on lamfacialplastics.com in his forum and he answered me on new years eve all the way up to 12. I have the same user name check it out, not trying to sell him to anyone, do the research yourself. My research lead me to him, I believe he is very trustworthy. Anyway that's my opinion so I believe he is atleast worth checking out. Form your own
  2. I keep reading mixed reviews on here, I really don't know what to do, I like everyone else, am holding on to that hope I guess, I know I will try something after I do my research and currently I am between excision and a filler, I just don't see the point of getting a filler that only last a couple of months, I need to hear the problems you can have with both, please if anyone can post problems in the two, I wish someone could give them to me in a percentage of it taking. Thanks for the replies
  3. Are there any permanent fillers out there? I can't really find any that last, do fat transfers last? Anyone with knowledge please respond.
  4. Can anyone who has had fillers done please share their experience with me. Please include what kind of filler. Is there a filler that is permanent? I have icepick scars and 1 deep one that will have to be excised. I am trying to decide on a filler, please help.
  5. I had Dermabrasion done w/ him about 4 yrs ago and he sold his practice, I assumed he was retired, he did push the dermabrasion pretty hard I wish I would of got excision done since I have been researching it on here. I believe he just makes more money on the dermabrasion, I won't do it again I have a dark complection and as others on here I have a few spots that won't tan now. I bet he has ruined as many faces as he has fixed. I'm lucky to only have a few small spots. I'm realistic and unde
  6. Thanks for writing back, I imagine trading one scar for a smaller one is o.k. w/ me. Can I ask why you have had it done w/ diff. docs.
  7. AutumnGlow can you post your pics please, I have also posted a question about what excision is, is it where they cut your scar and just sew it back up, how did this work for you and how much did it cost for u and PePe please respond too. Thanks. O in louisiana any chance either of you are, need to find a Dr.
  8. Please anyone who lives near La., I would like to know which Doctors perform punch excision, I would like to schedule an appointment to learn about this.
  9. I am having a hard time understanding the diff. between the punch technique and excision. Could anyone please help me. I have cystic acne and have a deep pit on my cheek, I have maybe 3 others I am considering, I really would feel happy if I could get rid of these few small areas so please help if u can. Also if u have knowledge please answer the following. Cost Healing Time Pics if u have em Dr. in Louisiana that do these